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Use Case Types

From: Laufer <laufer@globo.com>
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2014 19:28:19 -0300
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Hello All,

I would like to post some impressions of these initial days in the group. I
participated on the 28 Feb teleconference and followed the threads in the
DWBP list.

I noticed a discussion about the documents to be prepared in the London F2F
Meeting and, in particular, the Use Cases document, where there is a
preliminary list of Use Cases. At the same time, in some discussions in the
list some examples of initiatives are cited as, for example, BetaNYC and
the LA Control Panel.

I believe Use Cases are to be used as a way to gather requirements that
will be addressed by the Best Practices. I can see two types of Use Case.
The Use Cases listed in the DWBP document are those aimed at the publishers
and the Use Cases cited in the list are Use Cases aimed at the developers.

In a post by Steve, he cited one example of BetaNYC that is interesting
because we can see the crossing of these two kinds of Use Cases, when a
developer says that he uses data from DBPedia. Here, in my understanding,
we can see how to apply the DWBP's mission statements:

   - to develop the open data ecosystem, facilitating better communication
   between developers and publishers;
   - to provide guidance to publishers that will improve consistency in the
   way data is managed, thus promoting the re-use of data;
   - to foster trust in the data among developers, whatever technology they
   choose to use, increasing the potential for genuine innovation.

As I understand, the audience of DWBP should be the publishers such that by
following the best practices recommended by DWBP these publishers will
likely enhance the quality of the data being published as well as provide
communication artifacts that could facilitate the developers to build
applications that use that data.

It would be interesting if we could have some interviews or ask some of the
developers to build scenarios where they could point some practices that
could facilitate their work.

I see DBPedia as a good example of a set of communication artifacts between
the publisher and the developers. Maybe DBPedia could be included as one of
the Use Cases.

Well, this is a dump of my thoughts. Let me know if these things make sense
as a way to align my understanding of the group.

Best Regards,


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