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City of Palo Alto Use Case for DWBP

From: Steven Adler <adler1@us.ibm.com>
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2014 14:18:10 -0500
To: "DWBP Chairs" <member-dwbp-chairs@w3.org>, public-dwbp-wg@w3.org
Message-ID: <OFB07076FF.76B177DE-ON85257C74.00691BD1-85257C74.006A08DB@us.ibm.com>
Dear Data on the Web Best Practices WG Members,

On the last call we discussed collecting use cases and documenting them. 
In addition to using the web to discover relevant Open Data use cases, I 
thought it might also be interesting to get some first hand experiences 
and have invited Jonathan Reichental, CIO from the City of Palo Alto 
California, to talk to us about the Palo Alto Open Data Strategy. Enclosed 
is a recent press release from Palo Alto on their Open Data Strategy:


I told Jonnathan that we are all students of problems in every domain and 
that we would enjoy learning about his challenges, experiences, and 
lessons learned so that we could include those insights into our Best 
Practices work. 

Jonathan has graciously agreed to talk to us and I thought we could 
schedule a 90 minute call with the following agenda:

1.  Palo Alto Presentation - 30 minutes
2.  Q&A - 30 minutes
3.  What it means and whom we should invite next

Please let me know if 13 February @ 12pm ET would be convenient for 
everyone and I will schedule this call.

Best Regards,

Steve Adler, IBM

Motto: "Do First, Think, Do it Again"
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