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a couple of concerns

From: Annette Greiner <amgreiner@lbl.gov>
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 2016 22:35:39 -0800
Message-Id: <59EE743C-63E8-4F55-9C67-842BFD5F7AAC@lbl.gov>
Cc: Phil Archer <phila@w3.org>
To: public-dwbp-comments@w3.org
Hi all,
I’d like to raise a couple of issues that have been bothering me of late in our process for developing the DWBP best practices doc. The most recent version contained some last-minute changes that I disagree with, which points at two different issues.

First, we should not be making editorial changes that change the sense of the text after a vote to publish. While I’m sure that the editors have never intended to do that, the doc has been undergoing a flurry of post-vote changes each time, and these have sometimes affected the meaning. I am concerned about the pattern of delays in getting the document into a stable state and the lack of stability at the time of voting and immediately thereafter. I think we need to be voting on a document that is as we expect to publish it, including all changes. This would require a publication schedule with dates on which feedback is due and by which changes must be made, and those dates should be before the date on which we vote to publish.

Second, the most recent changes that prompted this concern are the changes to the text regarding the best practice to use REST APIs. I took some pains to include the two main approaches to using REST in my submission for that BP, and while I must admit that my writing was not successful in making the distinction clear, since it wasn’t clear enough to the editor to preserve it, I was surprised to see how far from my intent the published text appeared. I would be happy to give another try at teasing apart the two approaches. I do not feel that the current BP reflects what most web developers would consider best practices for developing with REST and REST-inspired architectures. 
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