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Re: some comments on the DWBP draft

From: Bernadette Farias Lóscio <bfl@cin.ufpe.br>
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2015 18:39:21 -0300
Message-ID: <CANx1Pzw+B8L1N5V=RQ9egVVTUMERkMp4_ig4TM17LBHBozp_UA@mail.gmail.com>
To: Erik Wilde <dret@berkeley.edu>
Cc: public-dwbp-comments@w3.org
Hello Eric,

Thank you very much for your feedback on the DWBP document! Please find
some comments below.

> - "Best Practice 14: Provide data in multiple formats" might want to say
> if that should be done by different URIs, or one URI and HTTP conneg.
> that's a very typical question publishers have, so it should be mentioned
> at the very least, even if the answer is "we have no specific
> recommendation either way".

I agree that is important to mention that, however I'm not sure if we
should mention this on BP14 or we should mention this in one of the Data
Access BP.

> - "Best Practice 14: Provide data in multiple formats" should say that for
> fragment identifiers to be consistent across formats, care is needed to
> make sure that this is the case (as much as possible, depending on the
> formats and their features).

I'm sorry, but I don't understand your comment. Could you please give me an

> - generally speaking, i am wondering why the terms hypertext or hypermedia
> are not even mentioned in the spec. isn't that what data on the web ideally
> should be, linkable and linked?
> https://github.com/dret/webdata#one-star-linkable and
> https://github.com/dret/webdata#four-star-linked are core principles for
> good web data. *linkable* means more than just URIs. it also means, for
> example, to provide meaningful and robust fragment identifiers for others
> to link to. *linked* means to use URIs and to specifically avoid other
> kinds of (often non-globally scoped) identifiers, so that links don't break
> when taken out of context.

I agree that data on the Web should linkabe and linked. However, I don't
agree that we should talk about hypertext. IMO, the " Web of Data" concerns
the creation of links between resources. This happens in the RDF model, for

- best practices 24 and 27 kind of conflict. one important idea of REST is
> to avoid versioning, and having versioned URIs is a pretty certain sign of
> bad design smell when it comes to media types and API design.

Considering just BP27, do you agree that we should  "Maintain separate
versions for a data API"?

> - regarding best practice 30, i am wondering if
> https://github.com/dret/I-D/blob/master/sunset-header/draft-wilde-sunset-header-00.txt
> is something that might be worth mentioning in some form. this is currently
> a pre-I-D draft, but maybe the general idea of communicating resource
> availability is relevant for DWBP?

Thanks for the link! We're gonna to see how we can mention it in BP 30.


> thanks and cheers,
> dret.
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Bernadette Farias Lóscio
Centro de Informática
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