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disposition OK Re: Gilman-9 Follow up LC-1575

From: Al Gilman <Alfred.S.Gilman@IEEE.org>
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 12:36:23 -0500
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To: "Rhys.Lewis@volantis.com" <Rhys.Lewis@volantis.com>
Cc: "public-diselect-editors@w3.org" <public-diselect-editors@w3.org>
Sounds good.  I accept this disposition.


At 11:27 AM +0000 29 01 2007, Rhys Lewis wrote:
>Hello Al,
>Thanks again for your comments on the DISelect Last call.
>In your response to the disposition of comments for Gilman-9 [1], 
>you express puzzlement at the disposition, principally because we 
>retained the text that describes the default behaviour of host 
>language statements when the expr attribute is missing.
>The DIWG agrees that the wording in the last call document is 
>incorrect and inappropriate. Any default behaviour for host language 
>elements is a matter for the host language and not for the DISelect 
>specification. This text should have been removed earlier in the 
>document's life. It was not our intent to limit the choices made by 
>host languages when integrating DISelect.
>We have removed the offending paragraph from the normative 
>description of the expr attribute in section 4.2.
>Because the examples in the document depend on the default behaviour 
>of the host language when no expr attribute is present, we have 
>added informative text to the section in Documentation Conventions 
>which describes the examples. This now reads:
>"In the examples, the default namespace, with no prefix, is used to 
>indicate the 
>language within which the content selection markup is being used. 
>The examples assume that the host language is XHTML Version 2 
>2]. The examples also assume that the integration with the host 
>language makes the assumption that where the expr attribute is not 
>explicitly referenced, its value is assumed to be true. In other 
>words, host language elements carrying no expr attribute are 
>unaffected by the presence of DISelect. The same assumption applies 
>to select elements that do not explicitly carry an expr attribute."
>I understand, as a result of a discussion at last week's Multigroup 
>Meeting in Boston [2] that the change to remove the normative 
>requirement for defaulting the value of expr would be an acceptable 
>resolution to this issue. Perhaps you would be able to confirm that 
>by posting to the list?
>Very best wishes
>Rhys Lewis
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