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[Minutes] 2014-09-08 Digital Publishing Interest Group Teleconference

From: Thierry MICHEL <tmichel@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2014 18:49:41 +0200
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Hi all,

The minutes of the Digital Publishing Interest Group Teleconference 
dated 2014-09-08 are now available at


These public minutes are also linked from the dpub wiki

Also find these minutes in a text version following, for your convenience.


Thierry Michel



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             Digital Publishing Interest Group Teleconference

08 Sept 2014


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           [4]Phil Madans (philm), [5]Ivan Herman (Ivan),
           [6]Deborah Kaplan (dkaplan3), [7]Brady Duga (duga),
           [8]Markus Gylling (mgylling), [9]Tzviya Siegman
           (tzviya), [10]Liza Daly (liza),  [11]Luc Audrain (Luc),
           [12]Charles LaPierre (clapierre), [13]Bill Kasdorf
           (Bill_Kasdorf), [14]Shinyu Murakami (murakami),
           [15]Julie Morris (Julie) , [16]Madi Solomon (madi),
           [17]Liam Quin (Liam), [18]David Stroup (david_stroup),
           [19]Tom De Nies (TomDN), [20]Paul Belfanti (pBelfanti),
           [21]Vladimir Levantovsky (Vlad), [22]Akshat Joshi
           (AkshatJoshi), [23]Thierry Michel (tmichel), [24]Ben Ko
           (benjaminsko),[25] Robert Sanderson (azaroth),
           [26]Patrick_Pagano (Patrick_Pagano),

           +1.917.447.aaaa,+1.718.701.aaee, +,
           +,  +1.734.904.aacc,

           Dave Cramer (dauwhe), Alan Stearns (Stearns), Peter
           Krautzberger (pkra), Karen Myers (Karen_Myers),Michael
           Miller (Mike).

           Markus Gylling (mgylling)

           Julie Morris (Julie)


      * [27]Topics
      * [28]Summary of Action Items

    <trackbot> Date: 08 September 2014

    <ivan> scribenick: julie

    <liza> I volunteer for next time I'm on the call since I'm no
    longer chairing (but I'll be out next week)

    Markus: any objections to previous week's minutes- none,

    MGilling: Bill K. will review first draft of metadata TF

    PF meeting last week

    two topics: 1) role attributes

    <AkshatJ> sorry.. but aaad is Akshat Joshi from India

    Tzviya: had a call to determine next steps with protocols and

    <AkshatJ> thank ivan :)

    some of documentation more formal than what group's
    documentation has been in the past

    Tzviya is working on formalizing ideas on why it's necessary to
    include several shared terms within the vocab for DPIG and PF

    she will have the document to share with all next week

    MGylling: what do you see as the end result for this work?

    Tzviya: goal is to figure out a way to refine HTML terms to
    give them a bit more digital publishing-specific meaning

    meaningful for educational content

    read-aloud functionality, defining behaviors for a sighted or
    non-sighted reader

    <mgylling> btw, recap:


    MGylling: either HTML5 needs to change, or EPUB spec will
    override the HTML5 spec
    ... when should EPUB be addressed... should we wait or act
    simultaneously with PF

    Tzviya: want to avoid drawing out process
    ... should timeline be part of document (for recommeded changes
    to HTML)

    <ivan> +1 to Markus

    MGylling: at minimum, recognize the overlap and importance of

    Deborah: Tzviya has covered most of issues, there are some
    other issues specific to accessibility, the Access. TF will be
    scheduling a meeting ASAP to address
    ... there may be some overlap with work that happens in PF, we
    will make sure the overlap is dealt with, but that these issues
    are also somewhat separate from PF
    ... will connect with Judy Brewer

    <Zakim> liam, you wanted to mention HTML accessibility tf

    Liam: mentioned accessibility TF, may be some connections

    Bill K: metadata report draft...

    Materials in GitHub now, Ivan has agreed to co-read and co-edit

    scribe: now open to the whole DPIG to contribute

    <ivan> [30]http://w3c.github.io/dpub-metadata/ : report

      [30] http://w3c.github.io/dpub-metadata/

    scribe: three things currently there: 1) interview summary;
    interviews with people from a variety of publishing sectors on
    the pain points in metadata; 2) Madi Solomon's interviews of
    people within Pearson + her report; 3) Bill K and Madi S's
    conclusions for what needs to be done
    ... question is now what to recommend to the W3C for possible
    action, grounded in interviews and summary
    ... trade mainly concerned about discovery, educational focused
    on asset & content management, scholarly sees it as more or
    less a solved problem, news orgs. feel an urgency to write
    ... summary not intended to be editorial, should be unbiased
    report of what was heard. Next step is to move ahead with
    ... looking for feedback from the IG

    <ivan> [31]Initial recommendations

      [31] http://w3c.github.io/dpub-metadata/#initial-recommendations

    scribe: futile for the w3C to establish vocabularies when there
    are existing vocabularies that work
    ... idea of schema.org a good example, the TF does believe
    schema.org can be enhanced with data used in ONIX
    ... but not necessarily as an "ONIX lite"
    ... some of ONIX is relevant, others not,

    <madi> Must run. Thank you Bill and Ivan.

    BISG is setting up a working group to identify the most
    essential ONIX elements to be carried forward to schema.org

    scribe: will work with W3C to figure out where to take it from

    Ivan: will have to figure out how the W3C and BISG will work
    together for mutual benefit to accomplish this

    Bill K: good thing that BIll, Julie, Graham, and Laura Dawson
    all members of both BISG schema.org WG and W3C DPIG

    Bill K; next step to identify priorities

    <pbelfanti> apologies, need to drop

    <ivan> Richard Wallis is the person to talk to

    linked data for libraries project w/OCLC

    scribe: how will this work interact with current work going on

    <ivan> [32]list of participants in the schemabibtex group

      [32] http://www.w3.org/community/schemabibex/participants

    Laura: work at OCLC spearheaded by Richard Wallis, was heavily

    <azaroth> +1 to trying (again :) ) to breaking down the silos

    Bill K: library community far ahead of publishing in linked
    data space

    <dkaplan3> +1 to synthesizing library and publisher needs, and
    working with lib linked dasta people

    Tzviya: ?'s about overall metadata TF document...

    some are issues IG can approach and some are not

    scribe: burdensomeness of metadata related to lack of metadata
    traveling with content

    Bill K: important to note different types of metadata; some
    lives with content

    Tzviya: inconsistency also develops with lack of
    rules/standards, i.e. ISO dates

    Bill K: metadata associated with publication at a high level
    also needs to be associated with chunks within the content

    these are DB issues that are not necessarily DPIG issues

    Ivan: WRT creating URLs or URL-like structures, these should be
    used for metadata
    ... needs to be emphasized in the document the connections
    between annotations

    Bill K: need comments about what W3C recommendations should
    focus on, i.e. schema.org work

    scribe: i.e. what recommendations within the document are W3C

    MGylling: Tzviya could repeat her comments in an email as a

    Tzviya will do

    Ivan: IG can use the tracker to discuss/manage specific issues,
    so any email that goes through the IG referencing this issue
    will be logged
    ... if there are changes, these should be added directly to
    ... tracker should be used to properly record issues

    MGylling: final agenda item - agenda for TPAC

    <azaroth> :) Thank you Tzviya

    MGylling: IG has had good progress for finding a replacement
    co-chair, but not formally decided-- Tzviya will soon be able
    to step up as co-chair

    <Luc> +1

    Tzviya will be there and help lead TPAC

    <philm> +1


    <Bill_Kasdorf> Hooray!!

    MGylling: ... which other WGs should the IG try to set up
    meetings with

    proposed draft of agenda for next meeting

    <azaroth> The overlap with Annotations is so high I'm not sure
    that there's any need to have a formal, separate meeting?

    scribe: WG's to meet with: Protocols and Formats, CSS,
    ... agenda for CSS? draft of pagination requirements to present
    to them

    Tzviya: just a few elements ready most likley
    ... HTML WG, meeting re-validation issues a possibility
    ... Ivan will help identify who on HTML are key to meet with
    ... Liam may be able to identify Accessibility TF contacts
    ...Ivan: is pagination discussion something that would require
    changes on the dom level?

    <liam> [i'm the staff contact for the html accessibility tf]

    MGylling: what about Annotations? Ivan: WG will have meeting on
    ... large degree of overlap between Annotations and DPIG, but
    not specific topics to discuss at this point

    Charlie LaPierre: possible meeting between diagrams team and
    accessibility team re-SVG attribution

    scribe: accessibility WG meeting on Th & Fri.

    Ahn Bui at Benetech on accessibility team

    <azaroth> +1 :)

    scribe: Benetech has offered to have an after-meeting gathering

    at some point during the week

    Tzviya: what about internationalization?

    Right-left and Vertical-right are huges issues

    scribe: pagination could be a topic to reach out to that group
    for help on

    Ivan: F2F this week in Beijing on Chinese requirements
    ... only one character set, but an important one

    MGylling: co-chairs and Ivan will produce a proposed agenda
    next week, open to suggestions
    ... thanks everyone, until next Monday

    [end of call]

Summary of Action Items

    [End of minutes]

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