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Re: Device API organization

From: Tobie Langel <tobie@fb.com>
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2013 09:23:24 +0000
To: "public-device-apis@w3.org" <public-device-apis@w3.org>
Message-ID: <F9981AFB970564408FEB7DFCF62D44084370047C@PRN-MBX01-4.TheFacebook.com>
On 1/18/13 9:54 AM, "Tobie Langel" <tobie@fb.com> wrote:

>On 1/18/13 1:47 AM, "Doug Turner" <dougt@mozilla.com> wrote:
>>    i think you can just:
>>    hg clone http://dvcs.w3.org/hg/dap/
>>    cd dap
>>    cd proposals
>>    mkdir devices
>>    cd devices
>>    cp ../../sensor-api/Overview.html .
>>    Then hack the hell out of Overview.html.
>It's even markdown-friendly, now.

I've been asked offline how markdown could be used with respect, here's

Markdownp parsing is opt-in, you enable it by setting the format property
of the respecConfig object to 'markdown', e.g.:


There are two passes to the markdown parser. First the content is parsed
and transformed into regular HTML using the marked node module. Then, a
second pass uses a document outlining-like algorithm to create and nest
sections within one another depending on the level of headers used. You
'll find more info and example input and output in the source code

I've used it for the Coremob spec[2] and test approach doc[2], but haven't
used it for more API specific work yet. It might be a little rough around
the edges for the latter, in which case please do send bug reports my


[1]: https://github.com/darobin/respec/blob/develop/js/core/markdown.js
[2]: https://github.com/coremob/coremob-2012
[3]: https://github.com/darobin/respec (/cc @tobie)
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