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Proposed changes to HTML Media Capture

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Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2012 23:00:05 +0000
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Attached are proposed changes to the HTML Media Capture editors draft to clarify the abstract, introduction and input element use.

If accepted this proposal should address the following Last Call Comments:

LC-2637 - partly address Doug and Olivier's concerns for clarity as expressed at the F2F

LC-2640 - clarify that capture attribute can be added as markup, not needing Javascript for this.

Proposed updated text and redline are attached as PDF, plain text below.

regards, Frederick

Frederick Hirsch

Proposed revised text:



The HTML Media Capture specification defines HTML form extensions that facilitate user access to media capture capabilities of the hosting device. These form extensions enable the upload of still images, video, and audio directly from a device capture mechanism but capture the “default” offered by the device, providing limited control over what is captured. More detailed control, including management of related streams, is provided by the “Media Capture and Steams” specification [[Media-Capture-Streams]].

1. Introduction

This section is non-normative.

The HTML Media Capture specification enables web page authors to declaratively specify the upload of audio, video and still images by adding a new attribute to the HTML input element. This enables unified capture and upload from the  device capture device without requiring a user to save a file and then upload it in separate steps.

Such an approach does not provide detailed user control over capture, so use cases requiring correlating specific individual audio and video streams may be met by using another specification, "Media Capture and Steams” [[Media-Capture-Streams]]. Access to media streams from the hosting device is out of scope for this specification.
This specification extends the HTMLInputElement interface with a new capture attribute. The capture attribute enables content authors to indicate the media to be captured and uploaded, specifically still images, video, and audio. Conformant user agents provide their users a more seamless access to the above-mentioned media capture capabilities of the hosting device.

5. The capture attribute

This section is normative.

When an input element's type attribute is in the File Upload state, the rules in this section apply.

partial interface HTMLInputElement {

             attribute DOMString capture;


Use of this HTML attribute as extended in this specification enables integrated capture and upload of audio, video and still images.


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