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Re: [File API] Recent Updates To Specification + Co-Editor

From: Adam Barth <w3c@adambarth.com>
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2010 15:37:01 -0700
Message-ID: <AANLkTin5TS4MgYi-T1qz2gGFzEaNKSEoobz75te6s3mL@mail.gmail.com>
To: Jonas Sicking <jonas@sicking.cc>
Cc: Anne van Kesteren <annevk@opera.com>, Eric Uhrhane <ericu@google.com>, arun@mozilla.com, Web Applications Working Group WG <public-webapps@w3.org>, public-device-apis <public-device-apis@w3.org>, Alexey Proskuryakov <ap@webkit.org>
On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 3:20 PM, Jonas Sicking <jonas@sicking.cc> wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 3:06 PM, Anne van Kesteren <annevk@opera.com> wrote:
>> On Tue, 29 Jun 2010 00:01:14 +0200, Jonas Sicking <jonas@sicking.cc> wrote:
>>> I certainly agree that anyone shipping an implementation before a spec
>>> is an official Recommendation is always running the risk of running in
>>> to incompatible changes. However in the past we have avoided to break
>>> existing implementations, and I certainly can't think of a time we've
>>> decided to do it over what is essentially a bikeshed issue.
>> Recently on your account a bunch of attributes named URL became url while
>> they were already deployed in browsers based on WebKit. ;-)
> First of all, iirc there was already internal inconsistency in that
> webkit shipped properties named both .url and .URL. And so if the
> webkit devs wanted consistent naming, which seemed like a priority for
> everyone.
> Second, the "url"/"URL" name is much less likely to be used by
> existing content than the the "FileReader"/"BlobReader" name. It is
> quite possible to use EventSource and WebSockets without ever using
> the "url"/"URL" name, however it is impossible to use a FileReader
> without using the "FileReader" name.
> Third, I don't believe anyone raised the concern that there was likely
> content out there depending on the existing name.

I believe Alexey Proskuryakov has strong feelings on this topic.

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