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Re: Introductions

From: <anssi.kostiainen@nokia.com>
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2009 20:14:27 +0200
To: <public-device-apis@w3.org>
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Robin and Richard, thanks for the lively opening introductions :-)

I'm Anssi Kostiainen, working for Nokia in Espoo, Finland and will be
focusing on the API side of things in the DAP WG. At Nokia I've been
involved in web technology development projects, and I've also been closely
following related standardization activities. On my academic endeavor I
managed to graduate from Helsinki University of Technology last year. Thanks
to the web technology focus of my lab I got to see many interesting
projects, e.g. the X-Smiles browser may be familiar to some of you.

At around the time Lynx was born I got intrigued by the idea that the Web
could eventually grow into something bigger it was initially designed for
and since then I've been fiddling with web technologies. Before the Web was
invented I tinkered with my Amiga 500 and still think it was quite a cool
machine. Nowadays I'm agnostic what comes to hardware platforms and think
the Web and web apps should be accessible by any device, be it an internet
tablet or an internet-enabled toaster. And I believe the DAP effort is part
of the solution to achieve that.

During my free time I try to master my DSLR and become a better
photographer. As a side-effect I sometimes end up abroad in search of
that perfect shot.

Looking forward to working with you all,


On 25.8.2009 18.54, "ext richard.tibbett@orange-ftgroup.com"
<richard.tibbett@orange-ftgroup.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Good idea and always nice to get off on the informal right foot ;-)
> I'm Richard Tibbett. I work for Orange Labs in London, UK and will be
> representing France Telecom / Orange in this group.
> I've been with Orange for 6 years. After 3 years as a technical
> architect/developer I became a representative in the Java Community Process,
> contributing to JSR-281 (J2ME IMS Services API), JSR-302 (J2ME Telephony API)
> and JSR-325 (J2ME IMS Communication Enablers API). I have also spent a
> considerable amount of my time in the Open Mobile Terminal Platform forum,
> initially working on IMS specifications before returning to my native
> web-related technology with participation at all levels of the BONDI project.
> When I'm not participating in standards I'm participating in development,
> research or partnership projects for Orange or building the next big thing in
> my spare time (yeah, right).
> Regarding the efforts of DAP, I hope we end up with practical device-agnostic,
> access-agnostic APIs that will be set to last us for the next 100 years.
> Harder things have been acheived. 'Attention to detail', 'thinking big' and
> 'eternal optimism' are a few words I associate with this effort.
> I'm also a keen programmer likely to give things a go early. Programming goes
> all the way back to BASIC on an old Acorn Electron when I was 10. Since then
> I've turned my hand at most things. As a first generational digital native
> [1], I saw the web grow throughout my teens. I haven't unhooked since. In my
> spare time I also enjoy travelling, reading and spending far too much of my
> time, money and energy in London right now.
> I look forward to working with all of you in the DAP WG in the coming months.
> - Richard
> [1] - 
> http://www.marcprensky.com/writing/Prensky%20-%20Digital%20Natives,%20Digital%
> 20Immigrants%20-%20Part1.pdf
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>> Hi,
>> the working group now has sufficient members that we can
>> safely assume that most if not all of the core participants
>> that will contribute to it over its lifetime are present
>> here. I would therefore like to ask everyone on the list -
>> especially W3C participants but also members of the public -
>> to introduce themselves. I'll start with myself.
>> I'm Robin Berjon, your co-chair in charge of the API side
>> (though I'll help with the policy side as well when needed).
>> I am an independent consultant representing Vodafone, but as
>> chair will naturally remain neutral. I'll note in passing
>> that neutral does not mean devoid of opinion, simply that my
>> sole objective is the success of this group as per its
>> charter and according to the consensus of its membership.
>> Prior to this I've chaired the Web API WG, as well as the two
>> binary XML WGs. I've also been active in a variety of other
>> W3C groups and at times other standards-related organisations
>> (at various degrees OMTP, OMA, 3GPP, MPEG, TV Anytime),
>> including editing specifications, mostly around XML, Web, and
>> mobile technology. I've also participated in a fair number of
>> Open Source projects, many of which around Perl.
>> In general I don't believe that there should be
>> mobile-specific specifications, and in the long run I'm not
>> entirely convinced that there should be such a thing as
>> non-Web technology. I don't much care how we do it so long as
>> we end up with a kick-arse open web platform for all and
>> there's beer to be had along the way.
>> Before doing this I briefly studied philosophy in the cafés
>> around the Sorbonne, which I'm sorry to say sometimes shows.
>> Outside standards I am a husband and father of one (each),
>> and have an "it's complicated"
>> relationship with a cat called Billie. Mostly I read, tinker
>> with movie stuff, and make some noises about politics.
>> I love it when a plan comes together so I very much look
>> forward to working with all of you to release some really
>> wicked swell standards.
>> --
>> Robin Berjon
>>   robineko - setting new standards
>>   http://robineko.com/
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