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XSeen Release Featuring Cameras, DOM Events, CAD, and more

From: Leonard Daly <web3d@realism.com>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2018 09:15:50 -0700
To: public-decwebvr@w3.org
Message-ID: <05370e30-7dc0-9341-d772-07ce0e09636c@realism.com>
The latest release of XSeen (V0.7rc1) includes support for a number of 
new capabilities to make your VR and 3D experience go mobile without 
precluding desktop support 
(https://xseen.org/features-in-xseen-v0-7-rc1/). XSeen is an open source 
project that is available on GitHub (https://github.com/DrX3D/XSeen).

The camera on your device can be used to provide the scene background 
(https://xseen.org/scene-camera-features-updates-to-v0-7/). The camera 
feed substitutes for the scene background. This can be turned on or off 
with simple JavaScript calls. If the camera is not in use, you can use a 
photosphere as the background 
(https://xseen.org/scene-backgrounds-new-to-v0-7/). Most phones can take 
photospheres and there is no need to figure out how to build a 
background cube.

CAD support is developing with the introduction of indexed triangles 
(https://xseen.org/new-geometry-in-v0-7/). There is now asset management 
(https://xseen.org/assets-and-reuse-new-to-v0-7/) that is similar to 
X3D's DEF/USE. These capabilities plus updated DOM event handling 
allowed a simple CAD part inspector to be quickly built 

Work for the next few months will be focused on examples, test web 
applications, converters and exporters.

*Leonard Daly*
3D Systems Architect & Cloud Consultant
President, Daly Realism - /Creating the Future/
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