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Meeting summary - 8 Oct 2007

From: Rotan Hanrahan <rotan.hanrahan@mobileaware.com>
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 12:26:40 +0100
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[Meeting summary - 8 Oct 2007] Vocabulary contributions, Screen orientation, Publications, Documents status.

After a pause in the teleconference schedule, DDWG resumes its regular weekly meetings.

[Contributions] Many new vocabulary properties were proposed from the MyMobileWeb project. Some of the project's properties come from WURFL and some are specific to the project. A number of the properties were considered to be core to the MyMobileWeb project and have been submitted for consideration in the DDR Core Vocabulary. Some of the submitted properties deal with simple features, while others deal with bugs and limitations. The UWA ontology can represent these properties. It is expected that any of the recent submissions that are not eventually made part of the DDR Core Vocabulary will still be represented in the UWA ontology.

One submitted property was Preferred Image Format. It was pointed out that the preferred format might also depend on what was in the image itself (a face, or a diagram, or text) and not just on the rendering ability of the device. This is an example where the application context can also influence adaptation. In general, accessing the delivery context is more than just accessing the static properties that would be stored in a DDR. A generic delivery context API is outside the scope for the DDWG, but is likely to feature in any particular adaptation implementations.

In some contexts, the value of certain properties can be known a priori, and therefore can be recorded in a repository. Some properties vary from context to context, but remain static in any particular context. Some properties cannot be known in advance, but may have a default value that can be overridden when the actual value is discovered. Access to all these properties cannot be satisfied by the DDW API, whose scope is for those properties whose value can be known in advance.

[Screen orientation] On a related topic, the OMA has asked for feedback on developments regarding the access to screen orientation information. This is a property that for some contexts is static, while for other contexts it is dynamic. The DDWG will provide some feedback to the OMA on this matter, particularly on how the orientation information is handled in dynamic contexts.

[Publications] The group has resolved to publish the final versions of the Landscape and Ecosystem documents, with congratulations to the editors (past and present) and contributors. Publication is expected before the end of the month.

[Vocabulary document] The wiki pages of the vocabulary have been updated to include all (except today's) recent submissions. The group must now evaluate and decide upon the properties, which are considered to be core, and which are not. All will be forwarded to the UWA for consideration in the ontology. The names of the properties have not yet been decided. An attempt will be made to ensure that there is some agreement on naming between the vocabulary and the ontology, but such agreement is not essential. Where there is the possibility of confusion, or where unnecessary complexity can be avoided, appropriate alternative names may be used.  For example, the issue of "supported features" has been discussed recently and the group decided that it makes more sense to record "features that are claimed to be supported" rather than "features that are fully 100% verified to be supported", given that the latter would probably be empty in many real-world cases. However, for the DDR Core Vocabulary it may make more sense to use the name "supports", while mapping it to the ontology definition for "claims support for".

The group will commence its deliberations on the recent vocabulary submissions immediately.

[API document] There was an editors call about two weeks ago, but no substantial progress since then. The editors are committed to making progress as much as possible, and will aim to have publishable material this month.

Josť, Rotan, Matt, Martin, Anders, Bryan, Jo, Pontus, Andrea, Rodrigo, Jongpil, Nacho
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