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Meeting summary - 10 Dec 2007

From: Rotan Hanrahan <rotan.hanrahan@mobileaware.com>
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:45:59 -0000
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(A little later than usual.)

[Meeting Summary - 10 Dec 2007] Early start, Requirements and Vocabulary
to be published, Call for API work, meeting schedule.

No problems were reported with the early start time of the weekly call.

[Requirements] Following an update to the Requirements document on the
wiki, the group has resolved that the text of these wiki pages shall be
recast in formal W3C style and published as soon as possible. The new
document represents a high-level view of the DDR requirements, showing
via use cases how these requirements are motivated.

[Vocabulary] The most recent editor's draft of the Core Vocabulary,
incorporating editor's notes, has been accepted by the group as a good
initial publication and the group has resolved that it shall be
published as soon as possible.

[API work] With the work on the document publications decided, the group
returns its focus to the development of the API. This work is currently
being conducted via Java as a concrete design environment. To this end,
sample code has been stored in public space within W3C, and this code is
also being in an Open Source external environment. Members and observers
will be encouraged to work with this code. Unfortunately, the group does
not feel that the material is in a sufficiently stable state to justify
publishing a formal document describing the work. Instead, the effort
shall be directed towards technical development, with most of the work
being conducted via the public mailing list. The next task in this work
is to address the nature of the Property class.

[Schedule] The last call of 2007 shall be Monday 17 December. The first
call of 2008 shall be January 7. There is a publication deadline of 19
December, by which the group aims to have the Requirements and
Vocabulary documents ready for publication.

Martin, Rotan, Matt, Dimitar, Rafa, Jose Cantera, Anders, Rodrigo,
Nacho, Jo.
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