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RE: [API] Resuming API Work : DDRPropertyValue (including enumerations)

From: Rotan Hanrahan <rotan.hanrahan@mobileaware.com>
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2007 11:16:00 -0000
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To: Josť Manuel Cantera Fonseca <jmcf@tid.es>, <public-ddwg@w3.org>

Regarding [1], I notice the getUnits() method returns a String. This means that all units will have to have a normative textual identifier. This could be a URI or an agreed short name. If we use a short name, we could run into trouble because some common units have variations in their names. Consider the millimetre, which has an American spelling of millimeter, and a common abbreviation of mm. Then there's pixel, which has the same short name in all English-speaking regions but has a variety of abbreviations like p, px, pix. Even if we choose to use URIs, not all units have an agreed URI. Perhaps these are things that the UWA ontology should capture, and the DD units can simply point to the right place in the ontology?


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Subject: [API] Resuming API Work : DDRPropertyValue (including enumerations)


The discussion now need to turn on the DDRPropertyValue object and its 

Please take a look at the current version of this class in [1]. The 
DDRPropertyValue class is a subclass of DDRValue [2] which actually has 
all the methods needed to retrieve a property value. It is important to 
note that a DDRPropertyValue references the aspect / component to which 
the property value applies, which is useful in those cases where 
multiple DDRPropertyValues are obtained

Also it is important to have a look at the way that enumerated values 
are treated and how this would be used to query about thinks like image 

DDRPropertyValue value =
DDREnumeration enumeration = value.getEnumeration();
if(enumeration.contains("cv:gif")) {
    System.out.println("GIF format is supported for images");

Please have a look at this proposal and send comments, it is very 
important to make progress in the API

Best Regards

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