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Good work! 

It's not clear to me how this works, as we are of course working in public, but one point of process is that I think this is an Editors' Draft not a W3C Working Draft - i.e. the group has not taken a resolution to publish it as a WD. 
you are right, thanks for putting the editors draft logo in the document.
There also seems to be a problem with the XSLT as it is generating invalid HTML for the bibliographic references. [as a general point of principle the references should only include documents that are actually referred to from the text so the list will probably need pruning.]
Yes, I have used the references that where in the DCCI spec but of course this need to be pruned :)
I've edited the doc to be an editors' draft, corrected the HTML on the references and also tidied up the directory structure so that /latest always points to the most recent update. And each version has a separate identity, i.e. the current version is:
Thank you


PS Jose if you want to put the xmlspec version up in the drafts directory I will try to figure out why it is not working properly - I have various XSLTs that I have used before so may be quick to fix.
Yes, the xmlspec version is in the 2007-07-31 folder in the file DDR-API.xml

Nacho is coming back from vacation on Wednesday, One option is to have an editor's conference call this week or next week in order to coordinate the work to get things done by the end of September

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Hi all,

We have a first internal draft of the API document that contains an
initial-proposed 'table of contents' [1].

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