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RE: [API] First internal draft of the API document

From: Jo Rabin <jrabin@mtld.mobi>
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2007 21:08:48 +0100
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Good work! 

It's not clear to me how this works, as we are of course working in public, but one point of process is that I think this is an Editors' Draft not a W3C Working Draft - i.e. the group has not taken a resolution to publish it as a WD. 

There also seems to be a problem with the XSLT as it is generating invalid HTML for the bibliographic references. [as a general point of principle the references should only include documents that are actually referred to from the text so the list will probably need pruning.]

I've edited the doc to be an editors' draft, corrected the HTML on the references and also tidied up the directory structure so that /latest always points to the most recent update. And each version has a separate identity, i.e. the current version is:





PS Jose if you want to put the xmlspec version up in the drafts directory I will try to figure out why it is not working properly - I have various XSLTs that I have used before so may be quick to fix.

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> Hi all,
> We have a first internal draft of the API document that contains an
> initial-proposed 'table of contents' [1].
> Best Regards
> [1] http://www.w3.org/2005/MWI/DDWG/drafts/api/
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