Dear Magnus,

You can read my paper and the other presented to the International DDR Workshop [1] in [2]

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Magnus Ahlden escribió:
Dear Jose,

where can I get a copy of this paper? I'm very keen to learn more.

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On Wed, 20 Sep 2006, [UTF-8] José Manuel Cantera Fonseca wrote:

Dear Florian,

Telefonica's paper is a vision of the future regarding device
description.  This is how in Telefonica envision the device description
space. The different points addressed in my paper are going to be
resolved incrementally under the standardization efforts performed both
at W3C and at OMA.

In the W3C, the DDWG is working now in the definition of the charter 2.
In that charter (that hopefully will start on November) the group will
be in charge, basically, of defining the repository APIs and the top N
capabilities that allow a minimal content adaptation solution.

We expect that first implementations of DDRs compliant with the W3C APIs
will appear soon, hopefully next year. WURFL community [1] and
MyMobileWeb community [2] are very commited to perform the
implementation of the APIs and the integration of open source content
adaptation systems with the standard DDR.

If you want to keep in touch with this apassionate initiative, please
subscribe to the DDWG public mailing list.

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Florian Hoenig escribió:
Holla José!

I am currently researching "device independence" and came across your
paper "Design and Implementation of a Device Description Repository". Is
there any efforts of implentation yet?

Thanks a lot!


Florian Hoenig