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Date: Wed, 06 Jul 2011 18:51:54 +0000
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add examples related to user decisions in context, add references to
contacts api and HTML5

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diff -u -d -r1.5 -r1.6
--- Overview.html	6 Jul 2011 17:55:09 -0000	1.5
+++ Overview.html	6 Jul 2011 18:51:52 -0000	1.6
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
 <!DOCTYPE html>
-    <title>Device API Privacy Best Practices</title>
+    <title>Device API Privacy Best Practices for Services</title>
     <meta http-equiv='Content-Type' content='text/html;charset=utf-8' />
     <script src='../ReSpec.js/js/respec.js' class='remove'></script>
     <script class='remove'>
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
     <section id='abstract'>
       This document describes privacy best practices relevant to device
-      APIs.
+      APIs for web services.
     </section> <!-- abstract -->
     <section id='sotd'>
@@ -38,25 +38,27 @@
     <section id='introduction'>
-        This document outlines good privacy practices for implementers of
+        This document outlines good privacy practices for implementers
+        of web services that use 
         device APIs. It is a companion to the privacy principles and
         requirements documented in the Device API Privacy Requirements Note
-        [[DAP-PRIVACY-REQS]],   
+        [[DAP-PRIVACY-REQS]].
     <section id="generalprinciples">
       <h2>General Principles</h2>
       <section id="privacybydesign">
       <h3>Privacy By Design</h3>
-      <p>Privacy should be considered from the beginning of design and
-      implementation.</p>
+      <p>Privacy should be a default mode of operation, including the
+      concepts of considering from the beginning of design and
+      implementation, making privacy the default, and reflect other
+      principles of "privacy by design" [[PRIVACY-BY-DESIGN]].</p>
             <div class="practice">
                <p><a id="bp-privacy-by-design"></a><span
                class="practicelab">Consider privacy as part of design</span></p>
                <p class="practicedesc">
                  Consider privacy when designing a service at the very
-                 beginning. 
+                 beginning and the principles outlined in "Privacy by Design". 
@@ -88,6 +90,25 @@
                  difference. An example is when the decision involves
                  sharing data with a third party who could change.
+               <p>
+                 Examples are the presentation of a "picker"
+                 interface to a user for selecting contacts fields of
+                 potential contacts returned from a find operation in
+                 the contacts  API [[CONTACTS-API]], or the selection
+                 of a file in 
+                 response to HTML5 <code>&lt;input type="file"&gt;</code> markup
+                 [[HTML5]].  In each of these cases a user makes a
+                 decision of what to share in the context of their
+                 current activity and indicates that decision through
+                 the selection process.
+               </p>
+               <p>Another similiar example is
+                 drag and drop in HTML5 where a user clearly indicates a
+                 desired sharing of information.
+               </p>
+               <p>
+                 These are examples of granting permission implicitly
+                 through action.</p>
             <div class="practice">
                <p><a id="bp-sp-choices"></a><span
@@ -111,7 +132,8 @@
                <p class="practicedesc">
                  Minimal user interface interaction should be required
                  with minimal consent dialogs (to avoid known problem
-                 of choosing to accept only to continue work).
+                 of choosing to accept only to continue work)
+                 [[GEOLOCATION-PRIVACY]].  
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