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Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 15:37:23 +0000
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- Added recommendation in 'Contact Search processing rules' section that search matching SHOULD be loose (return substring matches) as opposed to strict (return full attribute matches only).

Index: Overview.html
RCS file: /sources/public/2009/dap/contacts/Overview.html,v
retrieving revision 1.17
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diff -u -d -r1.17 -r1.18
--- Overview.html	11 Dec 2009 15:21:36 -0000	1.17
+++ Overview.html	11 Dec 2009 15:37:21 -0000	1.18
@@ -838,6 +838,7 @@
                  provides a method to search for contacts according to the input of a  
                 <a href="#contactproperties-interface"><code>ContactProperties</code></a>
                 	All fields within a <a href="#contactproperties-interface"><code>ContactProperties</code></a> object provided to this method represent a logical UNION of value matching. 
 					Fields provided with a <code>NULL</code> value are considered to match anything.
@@ -852,6 +853,12 @@
 					The above example logically implies: <em>&quot;find contact objects that contain a name of 'Robert' AND a nickname of 'Bob'&quot;</em>.
+				<p>
+					All contact searching SHOULD apply a loose-matching policy. If a <a href='#contactproperties-interface'><code>ContactProperties</code></a> attribute being searched in <a href='#contacts-interface'><code>Contacts</code></a> 
+					<em>partially matches</em> the input filter value, a <a href='#contact-interface'><code>Contact</code></a> object representing the contact 
+					SHOULD be returned as part of the resulting <a href='#contactfindsuccesscb-interface'><code>ContactFindSuccessCB</code></a>.
+				</p>
 	    <p>The <dfn id='rules-for-processing-filter-combinations'>rules for processing filter combinations</dfn> is defined below and is always provided with one <var title="">input</var> parameter. Its behaviour depends on the type of <var title="">input</var>:</p>
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