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OWL for Agents

From: Andre Meyer <meyer@acm.org>
Date: Sat, 09 Oct 2004 20:12:26 +0200
Message-ID: <41682A0A.1070905@acm.org>
To: public-cwm-talk@w3.org

Dear CWMers

In an attempt to create an multi-agent platform for the Semantic Web I 
started working on spyse (http://spyse.sf.net). In the current first 
pre-release a variety of multi-agent features are implemented, such as 
behaviours, message passing and templating, AMS and DF (cf. FIPA), 
protocols (subscribe, ContractNet) and context-awareness.

The next step is to add semantics and reasoning to the agents. My plan 
is to use OWL as the content language and to create spyse objects and 
agents based on OWL ontologies. In order to communicate agents would 
convert spyse objects into OWL instances.

Because spyse is being developed in Python it seems to be a natural 
approach to re-use parts of cwm for adding the semantics and reasoning. 
Unfortunately, I am not able to understand the cwm code well enough to 
achieve this. I think I need an OWL codec (parser/generator) and that 
must be hidden somewhere in the cwm code. The next step would involve 
the inclusion of a reasoner (surnia?).

Is someone reading this list willing and able to help me in this 
endeavour? The result could become an open platform for agents on the 
Semantic Web - in a way fulfilling the initial ideal, I hope...

thanks and greetings

Dr. Andre P. Meyer                        http://home.hccnet.nl/a.meyer/
TNO FEL Command & Control and Simulation, http://www.fel.tno.nl/div2/
Delft Cooperation on Intelligent Systems, http://www.decis.nl/
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