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Re: CSS3-text-decoration: text-decoration-line

From: Gérard Talbot <css21testsuite@gtalbot.org>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2013 20:51:00 -0500
Message-ID: <7fc22b390f16156f89b34483fe2a15e7.squirrel@ed-sh-cp3.entirelydigital.com>
To: "taka" <takaoshiyama@gmail.com>
Cc: public-css-testsuite@w3.org

Le Sam 16 février 2013 10:51, taka a écrit :
> Hi Gerard
> Please review again as I have updated here:
> http://hg.csswg.org/test/rev/eca8ec6bc6d7
>> line 5: <title>CSS Text Test: text-decoration-line</title>
>> "
>> For specifications other than CSS 2.1, you can include the module name
>> somewhere before the colon, like “CSS Selectors Test:” or “CSS
>> Test
>> (Selectors):”. Do not include the module version number, since the
>> test
>> might get reused for the next version.
>> "
>> So here,
>> <title>CSS Text Decoration Test: text-decoration-line - none</title>
>> is adequate.
> Yes, I did it and for the rest accordingly.
>> line 12: <meta name="assert" content="Neither produces nor inhibits
>> text
>> decoration." />
>> I suggest
>> <meta name="assert" content="This test checks that
>> 'text-decoration-line: none' does not produce any text decoration." />
> Yes, I did it and for the rest accordingly.
>> line 14 to 23: as it is, downloading and processing a @font-face 8MB
>> font is inappropriate; mplus-1p-regular font (1.3MB) is better but
>> still
>> not satisfactory. I have no complete solution ready and tested to
>> propose right now.
> Yes, I did it, though I understand it's a temporary solution.
>> line 41:
>> <p>Test passes if no line is displayed.</p>
>> This can confuse testers: line can mean an horizontal rule or it can
>> mean a line of text. I propose
>> <p>Test passes if the 2 "Text sample
>> &#12469;&#12531;&#12503;&#12523;&#25991;" are underlined and
>> <strong>identical</strong>.</p>
>> You can reuse such kind of pass/fail conditions sentence, formulation
>> in
>> all your tests.
> Yes, I did it partially but not all as I believe "underlined" is not
> appropriate against an overline, line-through or blink.
> I did this as:
> <p>Test passes if the 2 "Text sample サンプル文" are
> <strong>identical</strong> and <strong>no text decoration</strong>.</p>




and only in text-decoration-line-010.xht

I suggest

<p>Test passes if the 2 "Text sample
&#12469;&#12531;&#12503;&#12523;&#25991;" are

Normal people do not know and would not know for sure what "text
decoration" is or might be. The pass/fail test conditions sentence
should be understandable and clear to anyone and everyone: to your
neighbour, to your mailman, to your mother, to your bus driver, etc.

Anything else in the source code of tests can be using more technical
vocabulary and CSS terminology.



line 11: <meta name="flags" content="font should" />

please remove the "should" flag.



In text-decoration-line-014.xht

line 11: <meta name="flags" content="font should" />

please replace the "should" flag with "may" like this:

line 11: <meta name="flags" content="font may" />

Why? Because

"Conforming user agents *may* simply not blink the text."


Please add 2 blank spaces between property_name and property_value in
the title text:
eg in text-decoration-line-010.xht
<title>CSS Text Decoration Test: text-decoration-line-none</title>
<title>CSS Text Decoration Test: text-decoration-line - none</title>

eg in text-decoration-line-013.xht
<title>CSS Text Test: text-decoration-line-line-through</title>
<title>CSS Text Test: text-decoration-line - line-through</title>


> In addition, I set font-size: 1.0em to get better proportion with the
> test instruction above, switch to ID selector as there is one occurrence
> per page in these testcases.
> regards,

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