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Re: Terminology poll (updated)

From: Dave Longley <dlongley@digitalbazaar.com>
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2017 16:36:21 -0400
To: Steven Rowat <steven_rowat@sunshine.net>, Credentials CG <public-credentials@w3.org>
Message-ID: <97434e47-0554-46cf-ad4f-366059e738a1@digitalbazaar.com>
On 06/26/2017 04:12 PM, Steven Rowat wrote:
> On 2017-06-26 12:47 PM, Dave Longley wrote:
>> On 06/26/2017 03:27 PM, Steven Rowat wrote:
>>> The way the poll page is set up, the word we choose has to do
>>> for both cases where the role is split and where it's not. I
>>> think Sharer is especially not ideal when the Subject and the 
>>> Holder/Presenter/...Sharer are the same person.
>> Interesting -- I tend to think it fits that case better,
>> especially thinking of it in terms of how other types of
>> information are shared on the Web. People typically "share" their
>> own data on the Web.
> This is interesting. Perhaps it's a generational thing? I'm old. :-)
> I don't think of it as 'sharing' my data. I send somebody an
> attachment or a file or an email. If they ask me for something, I
> give it to them or send it to them. I don't share it with them.
>> A Sharer may share Claims with a Verifier. For example, sharing
>> your digital driver's license with a police officer.
>> That sounds perfectly reasonable to me.
> And again, I wouldn't share my driver's license with a police
> officer. I'd hand it over if they asked. If they emailed me asking
> for it, I'd send it to them. I wouldn't think of saying that I'd
> share it with them.
> But you've convinced me that 'Sharer' should stay on the poll, since
>  perhaps enough other people will want this usage.

On the Web, a lot of requests for information from websites are followed
by the act of the user "sharing" said information with the site. For
better or worse, this seems to be the language that is commonly used.

I would expect many Web users and developers, for example, to consider
this description of sending credentials on the Web to be quite typical:

"A website may request credentials and then the user may decide to share
them with the site."

Dave Longley
Digital Bazaar, Inc.
Received on Monday, 26 June 2017 20:36:48 UTC

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