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Re: GitHub for Beginners (non-technical)

From: Steven Rowat <steven_rowat@sunshine.net>
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2017 10:12:00 -0700
To: public-credentials@w3.org
Message-ID: <78f98820-5674-6215-e11b-3b8ebe967ea4@sunshine.net>
On 2017-06-21 1:08 AM, Timothy Holborn wrote:
> I wanted to develop some basic content for GitHub repos, that would 
> explain (for non-technical users) how to use GitHub.

Understandable. I'm one of those, and I spent about three full days 
last December reading about Git, setting up a Git on my desktop, and 
attempting to understand the GitHub site. I never found simple 
explanations. It would be great if they existed, but I came to the 
conclusion that they may never exist, for several reasons.

See this site, for instance, "10 things I hate about Git,"


and in particular number nine:

“Git dumps the burden of understanding complex version control on 
everyone – while making the maintainer’s job easier. Why would you do 
this to new contributors – those with nothing invested in the project, 
and every incentive to throw their hands up and leave?”

That was the conclusion I came to. I threw up my hands and left.

One thing I haven't seen mentioned, which I suspect, is that because 
GitHub is a corporate entity they're functioning just like all the 
others do: become a rabbit-hole that people fall into. Everything now 
functions with GitHub add-ons, GitHub community, GitHub echo-chambers. 
Just like Facebook.

I came to the conclusion that this is not a good thing to have 
happening in the workings of a community, like the VC group, that are 
attempting to solve a cross-humanity problem.

Of course they provide a service, just like Facebook does. I'm not a 
member of Facebook either, so take my position however you like. :-)


being a corporate entity, is no different than

> Purpose being that the work be done in a manner that supports people 
> who aren't so much using it as a code repo, but perhaps helping with 
> issues, project tracking, documentation, wiki pages, et.al 
> <http://et.al>.
> Any recommended links / materials?
> Tim.H.
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