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Re: "Identity" - is a modal notion and the matrix

From: David Chadwick <D.W.Chadwick@kent.ac.uk>
Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2017 08:32:43 +0100
To: public-credentials@w3.org
Message-ID: <d5963dac-6a32-9911-1a49-e6c6174e5c62@kent.ac.uk>

On 02/06/2017 19:17, Joe Andrieu wrote:
> For example, I may learn of a serial killer in my neighborhood and
> without identifying that as a reason, reschedule an event that was to
> occur locally to a far away location. While I am acting on the
> information associated with a given identity, I'm not authorizing
> anything with respect to the serial killer. He/she remains completely
> unidentified in my subsequent actions and communications and I haven't
> authorized any actions directly related impacting them.

Thinking about this again overnight, I would say that it is a spurious
example. What is the VC, who is the holder, who is the issuer, and who
is the inspector? Which role does the serial killer play?

It seems to me, that you are the inspector, who receives the VC from a
trusted issuer (maybe the police or the newspaper), and then decide how
to act as a result of this. But your subsequent actions are not part of
the VC model as far as I am aware, and are therefore out of scope.


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