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Additional Use Case for VCTF

From: Shane McCarron <shane@halindrome.com>
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2016 14:46:15 -0400
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In a lunch conversation, there was a use case scenario that came up.  This
is my translation:

Bob is shopping online at AnimeRox.com, to him a new vendor.  Bob wants to
be confident that the site is secure.  The site has an icon that indicates
it is secured by LargeSecurityCorp.  Bob's user agent has an extension that
allows him to interrogate a web page to see if it offers any verifiable
claims.  Information in the page indicates where on the vendor's site to
find their claim about security, and the extension can retrieve the claim
and verify it.

Or something like that.  You can imagine many similar scenarios for other
verticals (verify physician credentials, check whether a school is
accredited, etc.)

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