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Re: Review of Group Charter - Editors Draft

From: Manu Sporny <msporny@digitalbazaar.com>
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2016 16:12:40 -0400
Message-ID: <56E86CB8.5030002@digitalbazaar.com>
To: public-credentials@w3.org
On 03/13/2016 10:46 PM, Timothy Holborn wrote:
> ALSO: I do not see anything in the problem statement suggesting
> users should be able to assert claims.

It's in there, via Steven Rowats language:

The standardized technologies will, to the extent to which it is
technically feasible, level the playing field for verifiable claims so
that small actors or individuals can make use of the technology on the
same basis as larger corporations, government, or institutions, without
undue or unnecessary barriers.

> and/or the concept of 'e-contracts'.

Does the liaison w/ ODRL help here?


> The problem is that without this reference the purpose of why
> someone presents a claim may not be limited for the specified purpose
> requiring the credential in the first instance.

I think liaison w/ ODRL handles that:


We state explicitly:

To help ensure that data rights around verifiable claims can be
expressed and properly enforced.

> the concept of a package of claims, as to enable the subject to make
> a declaration of their age being over 18, without declaring the
> complete details of their drivers license for the purpose of
> accessing a website.

I made an attempt here:


-- manu

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