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Transcript use cases

From: John Tibbetts <john.tibbetts@kinexis.com>
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2016 14:29:24 -0800
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Here are some use cases that don’t seem to be covered in the current use cases.

This first one “Extended Transcripts” is main-stream and a killer use case for Verifiable Claims.

The second one “Revoking Claims” is obscure but fills a hole.

Additionally, I have a questionnaire out to several registrars that asks about another possible revocation scenario.  In the case where transcripts are re-issued because of new accrued competencies is it desirable to revoke older transcripts.  I’ll let the list know if and when I get a response from them.


4.1 Issuing Claims

Extended Transcripts

Mega University is obliged to produce transcripts for participants in their degree programs.  Rather than using the more traditional  paper, PDF, or proprietary transcript distribution technology they’ve decided to create an ‘extended transcript’ that includes the standard university transcript plus supplementary competencies that may also include work experiences and non-educational marketable skills.  The Mega registrar issues the extended transcript as verifiable claims.  As an added service for the student (holder) Mega allows the student to request different bundling of these claims to specifically target certain credential consumers.


A.2 Revoking Claims

Certain extreme conditions can cause Mutandos University to revoke an already issued transcript.  Such revocation can be cause by subsequent discovery of cheating or fraud or loss of accreditation.  

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