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Xalgorithms Foundation Federated Registry is like DNS for rules

From: ARIE Y. LEVY-COHEN <arielevycohen@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2016 13:59:49 -0500
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I received this email from Rick O'Brien of Payment Pathways making the
introduction to Joseph Potvin of the Xalgorithms Foundation.  I have his
permission to share this with you in hopes that it might enhance and
further advance our shared and respective interests/efforts, in our ever
increasing complexity.

Your thoughts are welcome~!



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Ottawa based NPO working on Trust Verification of Policy, Rule-sets,
Algorithms, etc.

This video sums up what we're working on:
(The final version of that video will be finished this week-end, for
posting to our website.)

Some use cases are briefly sketched on the website (under "Market Segments":

All work of Xalgorithms Foundation is free/libre/open source:

We don't make the claim towards "an Internet of Rules" lightly, rather
we're seeking feedback to determine if what we are describing merits such a
name, and what existing free/libre/open systems would be optimal to build

In several of the discussions last week in Chicago, it helped to say: "The
Xalgorithms Federated Registry is like DNS for rules. And Lichen is like a
browser for rules."  We're aware that the browser analogy is not quite
accurate, but it does help to immediately communicate its general
deployment and function as a widely distributed enabler. (We're approaching
the issue very differently from initiative like Drools/DRML -- though I
think such solutions become far more efficient with the work that we're

Xalgorithms & Lichen have generic names, but we're pursuing the domain of
commerce first. Therefore the scope of Lichen is first determined by the
scope of UBL http://ubl.xml.org/, of which it will be a reference
implementation. (Do you know UBL TC Co-Chair Ken Holman in Ottawa?) The
vehicle for Lichen is being pursued with Docker https://www.docker.com/.
Maybe later it will be necessary to say Lichen for Commerce; Lichen for
Bioinformatics; etc.

The Registry could derive from various prior implementations.  Maybe
https://registry.sdmx.org/ or a rebirthed ebXML reg/rep or something else.
At the moment I'm reviewing the original RfC for DNS towards thinking
through and writing about what's essentially similar and what's essentially
different... https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc882

What was obvious from the discussions in Chicago (our first emergence with
this work in any forum) is that you two, and Steve Mott and Todd Aadland
who we met there would jointly have many valuable insights to bring to this
trajectory, if at this point you indeed feel that we're heading in a useful
direction. Xalgorithms Foundation began its life in January. We're building
both a team and a community.

Bill, who is Chair of Xalgorithms Foundation, is the Founder/CTO of
DataKinetics: http://www.dkl.com/company/. Lead developer Don Kelly is
otherwise a senior architect/developer/team-manager at Macadamian.

Joseph Potvin
Executive Director, Xalgorithms Foundation

“Greenlist combines the most efficient designs with the power of modern
technology. It will replace old systems much as the wheel has replaced
dragging.” *Dr. Franco Modigliani - Nobel Laureate - Economics*

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is
reality.” *John Lennon*

Richard O'Brien // President & CEO
Payment Pathways, Inc. // 8745 W. Higgins Rd. #240// Chicago // IL // 60631
Office: 312-346-9400 // Mobile: 630-715-0956

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