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Social Economy Community Group Launched

From: <public-council@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2015 15:36:58 +0000
To: "Pavlik elf" <perpetual-tripper@wwelves.org>,"Daniel Harris" <daniel@kendra.org.uk>,"Eimhin Shortt" <involuteconduit@gmail.com>,"Bob Haugen" <bob.haugen@gmail.com>,"Lynn Foster" <foster.j.lynn@gmail.com>,Cc: public-council@w3.org
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With your support, the Social Economy Community Group has been launched:

This group was originally proposed on 2015-09-10
by Pavlik elf. The following people supported its
      Pavlik elf
      Daniel Harris
      Eimhin Shortt
      Bob Haugen
      Lynn Foster
To join the group, please use:

Please note that supporting a group is different from joining
a group. Supporters must also enroll if they wish to participate.

 In this group we work on various web technologies needed for managing
all kinds of economic relationships between individuals and
organizations. While recognizing nowadays dominance of commerce, we take
here more general approach which gives equal attention to all kind of
non-commercial approaches, including  Social Economy , 
Sharing/Collaborative Economy ,  Solidarity Economy ,  Informal Economy

 Some of relevant topics (by no means an exhaustive list!) 

   mobility - public transport, carsharing, ridesharing /carpooling,
hitchhiking, bikesharing 
   housing - coliving, coworking, cohousing, hospitality exchange,
flatshare / Wohngemeinschaft 
   food - food hubs, food networks, producer and consumer cooperatives,
community supported agriculture, gleaning, foodsharing, foodsaving,
mealsharing, volksküche / langar 
   learning - skillsharing, learning groups, webinars, workshops 
   products - toolsharing, booksharing 
   services - volunteering, help exchange 
   energy - energy cooperatives 
   communication - mesh networks communities 
   manufacturing - research and development, design, assembly, 3D
printing, open source hardware, worker cooperatives, open value networks

   health, sports &amp; recreation 
   culture &amp; entertainment 

 We based our work on Linked Data technologies and assume decentralized

 During first year of operation (2016) we will hold regular monthly
teleconference, use github for collaboration and follow other
recommendations from  Modern Tooling  

 Relevant W3C Domains and Activities 

    Technology &amp; Society Domain 

      Social Activity  
      Web Payments Activity  

Active Groups

    Social IG  
    Social WG  
    Web Schemas  
    Web Payments IG  
    Web Payments WG  
    Web Payments CG  
    Credentials CG  
    Automotive Ontology  
    BDE-Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw
    BDE-Europe in a changing world - inclusive, innovative and
reflective societies  
    BDE-Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and
maritime and inland water research, and the Bioeconomy  
    BDE-Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing  
    BDE-Secure, clean and efficient energy  
    BDE-Smart, green and integrated transport  
    Collaborative Software  
    CV 2.0 - Global Resume  
    Decisions and Decision-Making  
    Healthcare Schema Vocabulary  
    Human Services  
    Linked Building Data  
    Open Linked Education  
    Restaurant Ontology  
    Sport Schema  
    Web of Sensors  
    Web of Things  

Inactive Groups

    Social Business CG  
    Web Currencies CG  
    Community I/O  
    Distributed Tasks  

 Relevant non W3C Groups 

    Open Value Network  
    OuiShare Labs  


Thank you,

W3C Community Development Team
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