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Re: Next Steps for W3C Coremob

From: Robert Shilston <robert.shilston@ft.com>
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2013 22:30:03 +0000
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To: Jo Rabin <jo@linguafranca.org>
Thanks Jo,

Echoing Bryan's comments, I think a group of some sort is desirable to retain.  However, what exact form it takes is not something I feel in a position to comment upon.  Our specific area of interest is to help meet part 2c (copied below).  We think the web has an important future, and we're keen to promote that, and highlight areas where it's falling short by working with W3C and browser vendors etc.

Best wishes

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On 10 Mar 2013, at 11:12, Jo Rabin wrote:

> 2. Areas of Interest
> c) Making the Web the Platform of Choice for a Significant Number of Classes of Apps.
> ...
> In summary of this point, as well as catching up on things that the Web ought to be able to do, but can't, and is therefore uncompetitive with native, I think the group should also look at areas where the Web has an advantage - and bring some thinking to bear on how this "in principle" advantage can be translated to an "in practice" advantage.


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