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Summary of Ian understanding of MWC demo (2012-12-06)

From: Ian Jacobs <ij@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2012 22:09:59 -0600
To: public-coremob-camera@w3.org
Message-Id: <1CCC66BE-E9F7-4AFC-A075-CBB66A289AE5@w3.org>
Hi all,

Please find below my updated understanding of the W3C MWC 2013 demo

See "who is doing what" at the end. The camera app and the gallery app
are taken are of. I will need additional help building the glue between
them. I will ask internally, but welcome volunteers on this list.


Camera App

 * Takes and store photos locally
 * Views locally (single photo, photo st)
 * Applies filter(s) to a photo
 * Shares a photo

Sharing Modules (user selects from among these)

 * To Facebook
 * To Dropbox
 * To W3C PhoTobie (or, if you prefer: W3C PhotoMomi!)

Question: Is the user going to be able to choose a facebook or dropbox
account, or will there be one predefined for sharing?

Gallery App

 * Built using Joshfire tool. 
 * Displays photos, allows navigation, on phone/tablet/laptop/tv
   (e.g., TV navigation using remote control).
 * The app reads a photo feed running on the local server.


  - Joshfire showed me the gallery app today; it's great. They do not
    yet support feeds from Dropbox but are interested in implementing
    that feature.
  - Joshfire will look at augmenting the app to respond to notification
    that a new photo has been shared. We think it will be done with
    server-sent events.

W3C PhoTobie (service)

 * Accepts POST requests from the camera app (optionally with authentication)
   and stores photo.
 * Generates a feed of photo data used by the gallery app. Joshfire will
   send me information about the feed syntax. 
 * Notifies the gallery app (server-sent events?) that the feed has
   been updated.

   Question: What's the best way to get the Joshfire app to highlight the 
   newly shared photo? 


 - Maybe there is more than one service to do these three things. I just
   assumed one for now.

Bonus 1: Gallery display of photos from a predetermined Dropbox account.

 * The gallery app can display N photo feeds. We will have one for
   the local host, but we could also display a second feed from
   an external service. Each feed is displayed on its own tab (in the
   demo I saw.)
 * There is not yet support in the gallery app for Dropbox, but
   Francois indicated they would like to add it.
 * Hence my question about the camera app above: if the camera app
   is set up so that we can save to a Dropbox account that we know
   about in advance, we can set up the gallery app to display those
   photos as well (assuming we have internet access from the laptop).

Bonus 2: Booth visitors can also run the camera app on their own smart phones.

 * We will be running a local network from a laptop in the booth.
 * The camera app, gallery app, and PhoTobie will run on the same
   server in the local network of the booth (no CORS issues).
 * The screens will be connected to the network with cables.
 * The phone we will use to demo the camera app
   will connect to the network through wifi or bluetooth.
 * Visitors who want to try out the camera app would have to join our
   local network.
 * HOWEVER, if we have Internet access from the laptop and the visitor
   has Internet access from the phone we can:

   - Run a clone of the camera app on w3.org.
   - Let user share photos to w3.org.
   - Those photos are made available on the local server as well (either
     because we only ever use one directory, or we rsync the photos, 
     or whatever).
   - We notify the local gallery app that a new photo has been saved
     and the photo shows up on our demo wall.

 * People will run the app from a QR code (or some simple URI like
 * We can also use the dropbox option (if we are displaying
   a dropbox feed in the booth).

Thinking about URIs


Who is doing what:

 * Tobie and Tomomi: Camera app, including access to PhoTobie

 * Francois and Steren (in January):
   - add dropbox feature (Bonus 1)
   - enable creation of app that auto-redisplays when photo feed is updated.
   - build the gallery app so we can start to test it

 * W3C: 
   - PhoTobie (accept shared photos, generate feed for gallery app, notify gallery app.)
   - Set up w3.org and clone of gallery app to allow people to
     share pictures to w3.org; sync with localhost repository (Bonus 2)

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