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Re: IEEE/WIC/ACM WI-IAT'06: Last Call for Workshop Proposals

From: WI <wi@maebashi-it.org>
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 16:10:09 +0700
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  I put in the request to have a GEO informational table at the
conference. Informational tables will be in the Illini Union Ballroom
(2nd floor of the Union) on 2/23 from 8:30am4:30pm. There
will be corporate sponsors who may be recruiting, as well as
University of Illinois graduate departments. Additionally, there will
be non-profit organizations, students discussing research projects,
the Illini Union Bookstore, and a MBLGTACC table selling memorabilia.
I am looking for caucus volunteers to help staff that GEO table.
Please email me if you are interested in taking a shift (even if it is
only for a half hour) and we can work out the details once we know the
workshop schedule for Saturday.

Jan 19 is the absolute deadline for workshop proposals for the
MBLGTACC conference. Anyone who wants to do a workshop MUST register
for the conference. Do folks want to submit a
proposal around the Lesbians from Newark/media negativity and LGBTQA
of color? Who is interested in being a presenter for this type of
workshop? Once someone is committed to being the presenter(s) then
this workshop proposal needs to be written.

Kisha Rivers and I are submitting a workshop proposal around creating
caucuses within larger organizations to talk about the GEO-LGBTQA
Caucus and GPSoC. She and I have both registered for the conference
and will submit the proposal soon.

-- GoldED/386 2.42.G0614+

I will try to live with love... with dreams... and forever with tears...
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