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'getting ball rolling' here =)

From: elf Pavlik <perpetual-tripper@wwelves.org>
Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2012 21:02:17 +0000
To: public-community-io <public-community-io@w3.org>
Message-Id: <1328560762-sup-5375@hackers4peace.net>
Hello Everyone!

At this moment 11 people have already joined this group so I would like to start 'getting the ball rolling here' =)
To start with I would like to discuss our aims in more depth. Some days/weeks ago I started making this website, please take few minutes to take a look at it: http://polyeconomy.hackers4peace.net

I want to put emphasis there on COEXISTENCE of various types of 'economic systems', often radically different than others. This way in our economical environment we can have available any number of 'accounting services', fitting in or between any of those types. In such diverse environment we will face challenge of making it convenient to people to choose which 'accounting service(s)' they want to use in any given transaction.

Here I would like to leverage what people often refer to as 'user-centric' approach. Melvin participates in http://unhosted.org which seams to take such approach, Marcus and his http://projectdanube.org also seam to lean in this direction.

So as a first challenge I would like to take coming up with recommendation on how to publish personal list of wishes/offers including various resources and services. Next step I would see to have possibility for each of items on such list, to state which 'accounting systems' you stay open to use for transaction.

So for example services like freecycle.org, giftflow.org etc. would act as 'free sharing' accounting services, possibly also including some elements of 'social karma'. And everyone could 'subscribe' particular wishes/offers to any number of them.

Further step would involve coming up with a way of describing dependencies between various wishes and offers. So 'I wish for bike parts so I can offer bikes' etc. But I work on a simple presentation visualizing this topic better!

What do you think about it?

BTW for our 'issue tracking' I want to crate a workstream on self-hosted instance of bettermeans platform (redmine based):

~ elf Pavlik ~
(living strictly moneyless already for over 2 years)
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