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RE: fyi, evoHaX results and my talk

From: EA Draffan <ead@ecs.soton.ac.uk>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2015 10:21:59 +0000
To: Deborah Dahl <dahl@conversational-technologies.com>
CC: "'public-cognitive-a11y-tf'" <public-cognitive-a11y-tf@w3.org>
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Ditto from me Debbie, that was kind of you and put it all in a nutshell. 

Many thanks. 

Best wishes

Mrs E.A. Draffan
WAIS, ECS , University of Southampton
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From: Jamie Knight [mailto:Jamie.Knight@bbc.co.uk] 
Sent: 28 April 2015 16:03
To: Deborah Dahl; 'Steve Lee'
Cc: 'public-cognitive-a11y-tf'; 'lisa. seeman'
Subject: RE: fyi, evoHaX results and my talk

Thanks for sharing :D

Jamie + Lion
From: Deborah Dahl [dahl@conversational-technologies.com]
Sent: 28 April 2015 14:44
To: 'Steve Lee'
Cc: 'public-cognitive-a11y-tf'; 'lisa. seeman'
Subject: RE: fyi, evoHaX results and my talk

Hi Steve,
Thanks for the suggestion - I've put them on Slideshare -- http://www.slideshare.net/dadahl/web-accessibility-for-people-with-cognitive-disabilities.

From: Steve Lee [mailto:steve@opendirective.com]
Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2015 6:02 AM
To: Deborah Dahl
Cc: public-cognitive-a11y-tf; lisa. seeman
Subject: Re: fyi, evoHaX results and my talk

Deborah, could you put the slides up somewhere public? I'd love to share them.

Steve Lee
Sent from my mobile device Please excuse typing errors On 27 Apr 2015 16:54, "Deborah Dahl" <dahl@conversational-technologies.com<mailto:dahl@conversational-technologies.com>> wrote:
The accessibility hackathon (evoHaX) where I spoke a few days ago went very well. There were five teams from local universities participating and you can read the report on what they came up with at http://technical.ly/philly/2015/04/21/5-local-colleges-hacked-web-accessibility-evohax/. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the final presentation of the projects, but if I find out more information about what they came up with I'll post that.
Also, here's my presentation, if you're interested. It's a pretty generic, awareness-raising presentation, aimed at a general technical audience. Thanks to John Rochford for the pointer to ClearHelper. The picture on slide 7 is what is in my opinion a really terrible website from the point of view of cognitive accessibility, with popups, a lot of extremely distracting advertising, and a tiny font for the very small amount of actual content.
Feel free to reuse any of the slides for your own talks if you think they would be useful -- let me know if you'd like the PowerPoint version.
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