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Call for use cases

From: Russell Potter <russell.potter3@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2011 22:36:13 +1100
Message-ID: <CAF+nh-E1iQ6_22hm-pShwi_1mosoJWV+AYxp6Zi0rq-9JAnaTw@mail.gmail.com>
To: public-cloud@w3.org
I've been trying to compile use cases (in the form of
usage scenarios that that are possible with the existe-
nce of an implementation of our forthcoming cloud
standard), for a "Use Cases and Requirements" doc-
ument I'm in the process of formulating, but I really
need a few more to flesh it out somewhat further

Here are a couple to give you an idea as to what's
involved in these use cases: the first, here, is an app-
lication of cloud computation, while the second deals
with distributed storage

1) "a CAD system is equipped with a "physics eng-
ine"  which performs continuous analyses (such as
those of amongst others, acoustic, vibrational and
buckling), of its constituent physical structures, to
determine properties as the inertia and momentum
of each part of the set of structures under analysis
so as to determine the dynamic behaviour,forces
stresses within those structures,.  Since the com-
bined computational requirements of these analyses
are quite high, the load is distributed adaptively (si-
nce the structures, themselves, may change over
time) around the system's computing resources, so
as to keep the system as responsive as possible,
with the greater part of those resources given over
to the geometrically complex parts (which are more
difficult to analyse) of those structures"

2) "An RDF processor manages a vast collection
of triples representing (amongst others) ontologic-
al, information: a collection so large as to overwhe-
lm the capacity of the RAM of any one machine.
The information is therefore spread across enough
machines such that their combined capacity is suffci-
ent  to meet the total storage requirement, and the
amount of the information stored in each machine
is approximately  "balanced" across all the machin-

 Would anyone like to contribute more of these
use cases, each running along similar lines?

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