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Re: OASIS/ISO Open Document XML file formats

From: Gary Edwards <Gary.Edwards@OpenStack.us>
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 09:58:40 -0500
Message-ID: <41AB3920.5070200@OpenStack.us>
To: Scott Hayman <shayman@rim.com>
CC: public-cdf@w3.org

Hi Scott,

Thanks for responding to my inquiry. I will be sending you a copy of the 
most recent OASIS/ISO Open Document draft, and a decision was made this 
morning to publicly post these working drafts on a regular basis.

The specification is in the final stages of being prepared for 
submission to ISO, and the editing changes concerning writing style and 
wording are numerous and daily. It's also true that the working drafts 
cover many of the substantive issues your group is concerned about. This 
would include XForms, SVG, and SMiL compliant implementations.

I'm not sure where we stand on XML Events, but i'll bring the issue 
before the TC and find out where the other members are at. Any 
suggestions your group would have concerning the implementation of XML 
events would be greatly appreciated.

Our basic approach is to be as inclusive and compliant with the efforts 
of other open XML standards groups as possible. Sometimes this requires 
working liaisons. Other times just keeping the communications channel 
open is enough. And then there are those occasions where the cross 
membership of working experts is seemingly the only way to coordinate 
the demands of specifications that fold into each other and are quite co 
dependent. This happened with XForms.

Please feel free to criticize and comment directly on our specification. 
We are very anxious to know where our work conflicts or simply falls 
short of meeting the inter operability needs your group represents. 
Since our file format specification is derived from the diverse needs of 
robust office productivity suites, we have long been dealing with the 
issues of combining different file formats and methods into a universal 
compound document format that is as consistent and compliant as possible 
with the sprawl of emerging open XML technologies.

Thanks for your consideration Scott. I'll send out an attached pdf copy 
that you can distribute as needed. As soon as we get a routine in place 
for public posting of these working drafts, i'll send your group a link.


Gary Edwards
Redwood City, CA USA
(650) 365-0899

Scott Hayman wrote:

>Hi Gary,
>>From: Gary Edwards
>>How is the Compound Document work different from the 
>>OASIS/ISO Open Office TC work?  As far as i can tell, the 
>>only difference is that the OASIS/ISO specification doe snot 
>>yet include "XML events".  
>Can you please send us a link to the specification?  I'd be very
>interested in seeing what work has been done by OASIS/ISO.
>Thanks very much.
>Scott Hayman
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