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From: Richard Schwerdtfeger <schwer@us.ibm.com>
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2011 12:25:13 -0600
To: chuck@jumis.com, david.bolter@gmail.com, franko@microsoft.com, cyns@exchange.microsoft.com, faulkner.steve@gmail.com
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Frank, David, Chuck, Steve, Cynthia -

In an effort to move things along I would like a vote of from the canvas
accessibility sub team members. When we submitted on issue 131 our
drawFocusRing method was accepted with the exception of canDrawCustom and
there was concern that a situation could occur whereby a CustomFocusRing
could be draw without driving the magnifier and Maciej had discussed
separating the method into two function calls. At the Face to Face Maciej
did not feel strongly that was needed.

With the inclusion of hit testing we would now have the ability to provide
the bounds of all objects to accessible objects associated with fallback
content. Therefore I see no reason to change the method for drawFocusRing
that is currently in the canvas 2D API to draw a custom focus ring to
provide the bounds of the object given that by binding a path to a fallback
content element we can provide the bounds necessary to the accessible
object in the platform accessibility API or to a browser extension that may
wish to provide magnification capability to objecs.

So, assuming that Frank is drafting a modification to the Canvas 2D API to
provide the bounds to accessible objects by binding the drawing path to a
DOM element:

1. Does anyone object to leaving drawFocusRing as defined in the current
working draft:


2. Does anyone object to my reopening issue 131 solely for providing the
textBaseline in textMetrics (I will of course submit a change proposal to
the canvas accessibility sub-team and accessibility task force for review)?

Please respond with I object or I don't object.



Rich Schwerdtfeger
CTO Accessibility Software Group
Received on Friday, 18 November 2011 18:26:19 UTC

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