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Re: Minutes: January 17, 2011 HTML Canvas Accessibility subteam meeting

From: Charles Pritchard <chuck@jumis.com>
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2011 13:39:00 -0800
Message-ID: <4D34B6F4.6000300@jumis.com>
To: Richard Schwerdtfeger <schwer@us.ibm.com>
CC: public-canvas-api@w3.org, public-html-a11y@w3.org, david.bolter@gmail.com, franko@microsoft.com
On 1/17/2011 1:18 PM, Richard Schwerdtfeger wrote:
> Minutes:
> http://www.w3.org/2011/01/17-html-a11y-minutes.html

Regarding Caret tracking:

Here's some work on caret position in contentEditable div:

I don't know if it applies to caret browsing mode. I think it does, in 
Firefox, but I don't know.


I understand there's concern about introducing IAccessibleText hooks to 
That's not actually what we're looking to do.

We're looking at mapping directly to the aria caret role, 
which is really a better way to look at it than IAccessibleText.


Longer list:

setCaretSelectionRect(element, ..)
<mark role="caret" style="position: absolute...;"></mark>

Canvas 2D may not the right place for the method. The method has a clean 
mapping to the MS Accessibility caret role,
and can be implemented with minimal cost to vendors.

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