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Feedback on CT Document

From: Tom Hume <Tom.Hume@futureplatforms.com>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2008 16:34:22 +0000
Message-Id: <48ADFD63-5A9A-4C0E-8279-F80C2115E4B9@futureplatforms.com>
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Some thoughts after a read through the latest draft:

1. In section 1.3 the term "distributed user agent" is used. What does  
this mean?

2. JSON or AJAX requests might also fit the definition of "web  
browsing" but should probably avoid transcoding. I realise this has  
already been discussed...

3. In section 4.1.2, reference is made to no-transform headers being  
used in XmlHttpRequests... but no-transform isn't mentioned in the XHR  
spec that's referred to. Is this a suggestion that they be used as a  
matter of course in XHR? Seems a bit cheeky to insert this stuff into  
someone else's spec if so ;)

4. Section 4.1.3 seemed to be a bit stronger previously, placing the  
onus on proxies to ensure they only transcoded web content. In the  
current version this requirement isn't there, and the doc says  
"careful, or you'll break something".

5. Section, para 2, sentence 1: what's the thinking behind  
this being a should, rather than a must?

6. Section again, what's the thinking behind this being a  
should, rather than a must?

7. The issue of WML is worth raising - HTML is referred to in many  
places, but many sites (e.g. all WALL-based ones) will multiserve WML,  
so it should be considered no? I know this is a topic of discussion  

8. I'm not sure what section is saying: that transformation  
should only occur to improve the user experience? What sorts of  
transformation would be disallowed here (that might actually occur)?  
UE is (as I think has been discussed already) a sadly vague term...

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