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[minutes] Minutes of the BPWG Content Transformation Task Force, 2007-08-14

From: Jo Rabin <jrabin@mtld.mobi>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 15:38:11 +0100
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Please find the minutes of the Content Transformation Task Force
attached and a pretty version at [1]


[1] http://www.w3.org/2007/08/14-bpwg-minutes.html


Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group Teleconference
14 Aug 2007

See also: IRC log

    Rhys, Andrew, Jo, Bhaanu, Aaron, Ed, Sean_Patterson


    * Topics
         1. Problem Statement Document
         2. Draft of Guidelines Document
         3. AOB
    * Summary of Action Items



<trackbot-ng> Date: 14 August 2007

<scribe> Meeting: BPWG Content Transformation Task Force Teleconference

<scribe> Scribe: Jo

<scribe> scribenick: jo

Rhys: two items suggested on the agenda, look at problem statement
document draft from andrew and the outline of the document from me,
anything else?
Problem Statement Document

Rhys: Andrew has done a draft


rhys: andrew can you lead us through this

andrew: I took the problem statement we noted at the F2F and put some
narrative round it
... the benefits, drawbacks
... and summarised the bullet points as the minimum number of statements
... deliberately brief and focus on the problem and avoid any hint of a

rhys: coments?

bhaanu: where is it?

rhys: can you get to the public mailing list for the task force linked
from home page
... good start, I liked the intoruction, it would be nice to capture the
detail of what was on the list of items from the F2F, the essence is
there, but might be worth having them as sub bulets

Sean: think the detail would be useful

andrew: sure, happy to do that, tried to keep bried but appreciate that
I may have stripped too much out

rhys: the main sections are 'spot on' but as sub-items there could be a
few extra bullets - sean's suggestion is good, for some of them we might
also have some example text e.g. ...

andrew: are you happy for that to go under the heading entitled "The

sean: yes, I was thinking to flesh out the problem statement with a bit
more detail, and make it a bit easier for someone who is new to it

rhys: ok, sounds like we should flesh out the problem statement and add
text under the bullets

andrew: ok I will do that by the end of the week
... jo volunteered to co-edit is that OK

jo: apologies yes, I am ok in principle but regret that due to time
differences I havent seen it yet

rhys: can leave the currently open action?

andrew: yes
Draft of Guidelines Document


rhys: I drafted a table of contents, and because I am used to using the
W3C tools
... for those not on IRC, under documents the third item takes you to
the draft
... basically I took a look at the notes we took at the F2F and roughed
out some stuff, I think it is a guidelines document, so I called it
Guidelines for Participants
... has an introduction, which will ultimately plagarise the problem
statement document
... general guidelines for developers of components and authors, which
lead to the various sub-sections you will see
... there are some rough lists of topics that would fit into the various
sections, all of which follows from the discussion at the F2F
... e.g. when to accept optimised mobile version, and how to allow users
to choose between versions
... it's not complete - just a first pass
... so with that introductory waffle (sic)
... any comments

andrew: looks like a good framework for hanging our work on

jo: I thought the word participants was distracting

<Andrew> How about "Guidelines for using Content Transformation"

rhys: I agree that it is clumsy

sean: how bout use of the work "actors"
... the use of the word transcoder seems narrow to me, seems to me that
more may be at work than transcoding

rhys: do you mean that I am using the terms inconsistently

sean: think the use of term "trancoder" may be too narrow

rhys: so talk about use of content transformation server would be

sean: yes

rhys: any more comments?

andrew: just pasted into irc a suggestion

rhys: like that
... jo?

jo: yes, think it is a good working title - but also think that the
actual title might suggest itself as we flesh out the document

rhys: OK, I will do that

rhys: there was an additional item, but we covered it last week

ed: I like the term actors

rhys: I like that

jo: think that would be good but not as title

rhys: ed was suggesting using it in the introduction

jo: oh, OK sorry about that

bhaanu: I am getting up to speed and will comment on the mailing list

rhys: OK so with that we are done, thanks to Andrew and we will get a
new version up by early next week

[call closed]
Summary of Action Items
[End of minutes]
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