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DataCatalog/Dataset, BioChemEntity and profiles

From: LJ Garcia Castro <ljgarcia@ebi.ac.uk>
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2018 15:56:17 +0000
To: public-bioschemas@w3.org, sarala@ebi.ac.uk
Message-ID: <e33075b5-b3f6-218d-1e56-eb48be077f59@ebi.ac.uk>
Hello Sarala, all,

I am going through our UniProt examples and I did not find a way to say 
that UniProt is mainly about a BioChemEntity profiled as Protein but 
also includes mentions of a BioChemEntity profiled as Gene.

We have the keywords, and there in plain text I can have something like 
"protein, protein annotation" and so on.

Now, thinking about crawling and so, if we do not clearly state what is 
the kind of BioChemEntity a resource is supporting, how are we going to 
get all resources providing Protein or Sample? This applies for both 
DataCatalog and Dataset.

In Record, not the type but the profile, we recommend using mainEntity 
as the way to link to the BioChemEntity. We could use mainEntity to 
specify the type of the main entity supported by a resource or we could 
suggest a new property mainEntityType. We still would have to find a way 
to list the secondary entities (if we see that is useful/desirable as well).

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