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RSI call 2017-08-30

From: Ted Guild <ted@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2017 21:16:10 -0400
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To: public-autowebplatform <public-autowebplatform@w3.org>
Last week Patrick Bartsch, Patrick Luennemann, Philippe Robin and I
were on the RSI call. Below are some brief notes. 

The next call is scheduled later today for the Asia/Europe friendly
time. We had a WG call that just ended and surveying the Asian
contingency present it seems only Wonsuk may attend. We might want to
look at refining the schedule based on attendance.

There has been some evolutions inside of VW, of particular note which
Patrick B will create as issues on github are a JSON structure that
brings it closer to VSS and a new security model.

They still have are trying to keep the depth of the path limited (four
levels if I recall correctly) compared to VSS' tree structure. We
should meet with Magnus Feuer from JLR who has been the primary curator
of Genivi VSS to see whether and how much restructuring would make
sense, reasons for keeping depth limited etc.

We want more editors from more organizations involved in RSI.

VW might be able to open up more domains, eg notifications after they
see this advancing.

Desire to move RSI along as a spec, in particular the protocol piece
followed by the domains. We can publish it as a Business Group Report
which is referenceable and a lighter weight spec, not a full W3C
Recommendation. We need to recharter the Working Group by the end of
the year for RSI, LBS and any other domains we feel we can take on at
this point.

Ted Guild <ted@w3.org>
W3C Systems Team
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