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From: LTO WCAG translation to Catalan <wcag.cat@ub.edu>
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 09:46:30 +0200
Message-ID: <461C9256.60605@ub.edu>
To: public-auth-trans-ca@w3.org

After reviewing the translation accurately we found the following errata:

- "de manera que s'adapti a ALTRSE canals sensorials alternatius ...  - 
there is a mistake in the word "altres" that should be corrected

- the suggestion number 15 of SIDAR (2.2) "proveir eines de navegació i 
informació d'orientació..." was only partially implemented and we should 
change "informació contextual" by "informació d'orientació" as we accepted.

- the suggestion number 42 of SIDAR (1.1) "evitar l'ús de funcionalitats 
no estandarditzades" was not implemented and should be changed according 
their proposal as we accepted.

- On the suggestion number 45 (Note on 11.4) was not implemented the 
suggestion of TERMCAT; we should change to "com una altra que sigui 
inacessible" as we accepted.

We are sorry for this errata and if the W3C considers it appropiate we 
will provide a corrected  html version for its publication.

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