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Multichannel files and ChannelSplitter channel layout issue

From: Vincent Jousse <contact@ftsoftware.fr>
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2016 17:13:30 +0100
Message-Id: <9470EDC8-D290-4591-9853-FF0CBDA29E47@ftsoftware.fr>
To: public-audio@w3.org

I’ve just created a simple audio graph with a MediaElementAudioSourceNode connected to ChannelSplitterNode with 6 outputs. The MediaElement's source is a multichannel (5.1) m4a file.
Only the first ChannelSplitterNode’s output is connected to the audio context’s AudioDestinationNode.
I get different behaviors on Chrome and Safari : Chrome plays the front-left channel whereas Safari plays the front-center channel.

Is there anyway to « normalize » the channel splitter behavior ? Or should I create a bug on the WebAudioAPI to block the channel order as it is done for the up/down mixing ?

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