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RE: Market Development for "Web MIDI"

From: Tom White \(MMA\) <lists@midi.org>
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2015 17:06:56 -0700
To: <public-audio@w3.org>
Message-ID: <004e01d07a34$c08a1fb0$419e5f10$@midi.org>
Hi James.

> By the way:
> I think this thread should really be more about Tom's original
> question, which is really about copyright:
> > Is it okay with the WG if the MMA comes up with a "Web MIDI"
> > compatibility logo?
> He didn't actually ask us to suggest one.

I'm okay with both topics... I want to know if anyone feels there
should or should not be a logo or that MMA should or should not be
administering it (alone or with someone else)... but I also feel
that discussion of design ideas by the group is useful.

> My feeling is that the Web MIDI App logo should be copyright
> free, like a national flag. A Union Jack on a website just says
> that the website purports to be in British English. It is, 
> however, not a guarantee. :-)
> I can't see the MMA testing Web MIDI Apps for compatibility 
> so as to give them some kind of approval, but I do think that
> the use of a recognisable MIDI logo would raise the awareness
> for hardware MIDI, and so be in the best interests of the MMA's 
> members.

It sounds like you are saying no one needs to control the logo
if MMA is not testing aps for compatibility... but I think that
might be an oversimplification. 

One way MMA makes sure that all MIDI stuff works together is by 
NOT just letting people put MIDI Logos on stuff without any sort
of supervision <grin>... that does not mean we need to test web 
apps, but it could mean we establish some rules for using the Web 
MIDI logo and ask people to agree to the rules before they use 
the logo, so everyone is using it the same way and for the same
thing... Would that be a problem?

- TW
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