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Notes and minutes from teleconference 23/5/13

From: Christopher Lowis <Christopher.Lowis@bbc.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 23 May 2013 17:33:13 +0000
To: "public-audio@w3.org" <public-audio@w3.org>
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We had our routine teleconference this afternoon (London time). The
minutes are at http://www.w3.org/2013/05/23-audio-minutes.html. Thank
you to Giri for doing an excellent job of scribing and to Doug for
wrangling IRC.

We were joined by Marc Novakowski and Seth Levy from Pandora who
expressed their interest in our group and offered to contribute some
insights on the spec from an application developers perspective.
Thanks to Marc and Seth for their time.

A brief summary of our discussions:

* offlineAudioContext

We discussed the remaining issues Ehsan had with the
offlineAudioContext part of the spec. Chris Rogers will mail the list
about his proposal for calling startRendering multiple times on an
offlineAudioContext. We decided that it would be ok to exclude "real
time" nodes (such as the MediaStreamProcessingNode) from the
offlineAudioContext to ease implementation. Ehsan plans to reply to
Chris's email with proposed changes to the WebIDL which will give an
idea about how this will work in practice.

* Testing

We discussed approaches to testing using offlineAudioContext and
ScriptProcessorNode. Ehsan has made good progress with using a webkit
test in gecko's test suite, and will share some proposed code for
comparing buffers in the next few days.

I ported a Webkit test to the w3c test harness;
Chris Rogers is keen to make as many of the existing tests as possible
available to all through our test suite and I think this shows that
porting them should be possible. We discussed how much coverage our
test suite should have. Doug would like to see the broad bases
covered to help us demonstrate interoperability and allow progression
of the spec through the W3C process. Ehsan and Chris R are keen to
have good coverage of edge cases. I think we agreed (chime in here if
I'm wrong) that if the tests are useful to implementers they will
also be contributed to and serve both purposes.

We discussed administration of the test repo and how tests should be
submitted. Chris Lowis raised this with the html testsuite mailing list
and it looks like pull requests to that repo ("code reviewed" by us)
will be the way to go. But for now we'll experiment in our own fork.

Any corrections to that, please let me know.

Thank you to those who attended the call for your time and insights,
as always,

All the best,


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