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Re: [Bug 17334] (setTargetValueAtTime): AudioParam.setTargetValueAtTime is misleading and underdefined

From: olivier Thereaux <olivier.thereaux@bbc.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2012 17:16:42 +0100
Cc: <public-audio@w3.org>
Message-Id: <69CAAF39-7820-462F-8FDF-C30450CB4302@bbc.co.uk>
To: Ray Bellis <ray@bellis.me.uk>, Chris Rogers <crogers@google.com>
hi Ray,

On 28 Jun 2012, at 16:48, Ray Bellis wrote:

> On 28/06/2012 15:23, olivier Thereaux wrote:
>> However… I may be misunderstanding the essence of this method, but
>> aren't we talking about a value to be reached at a certain time (or,
>> in other words, a value pre-set for a given time)?
> I think you must made my point for me ;-)

Always happy to helps ;)

> Chris Rogers described it thus:
> "It's a *target* value which we start approaching at precisely the time
> given."
> which I read to mean that the time given is the _start_ of the curve,
> not the end of it.

I hadn't read it that way, but now that you mention it, yes, it makes more sense. 

Chris, any thought? I wouldn't want to impose the change of name if it is typical in most software APIs, but I am sensitive to the points made by Ray and Philip.


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