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Minutes for Monday, 17 December 2018 ARIA Authoring Practices Task Force

From: Michiel Bijl <michiel.list@moiety.me>
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2018 20:06:23 +0100
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The minutes for today’s APG call can be found in this email or at this link: https://www.w3.org/2018/12/17-aria-apg-minutes.html



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                               - DRAFT -

                  APG Task Force for December 17, 2018

17 Dec 2018


      [2] https://github.com/w3c/aria-practices/wiki/December-17,-2018-Meeting


          matt_king, MichielBijl, AnnAbbott, MarkMcCarthy, jamesn,
          CurtBellew, siri, JaeunJemmaKu, BryanGaraventa, jongund


          Matt King



     * [3]Topics
         1. [4]APG Task Force for December 17, 2018
         2. [5]Special announcement
         3. [6]Meeting time survey
         4. [7]Release 3 Schedule, outstanding reviews, and
            content plan
         5. [8]Terms subsection in carousel pattern
         6. [9]Carousel description and definition
         7. [10]Future meetings and other business
     * [11]Summary of Action Items
     * [12]Summary of Resolutions

APG Task Force for December 17, 2018

   <scribe> scribe: MichielBijl

   <AnnAbbott> scribe, AnnAbbott

   <jongund> anyone else having trouble with WebEx?

Special announcement

   JN: Since I took over as co-chair


     [13] https://github.com/w3c/aria-practices/wiki/December-17,-2018-Meeting

   I don’t feel I’ve been able to give enough time to it

   I’ll be stepping down as co-facilitator

   MK: We’ve invited Jemma to be co-facilitator together with me

   Welcome aboard!

   JK: Thank you for the opportunity and I’ll do my best!

   <siri> congrats Jemma

   It’s been four to five years and it’s time to step up!

   <AnnAbbott> Congrats, Jemma!

   <MarkMcCarthy> Huzzah!

   JN: I’ll still be contributing and doing what I was doing

   But having somebody that can devote more time to it would be
   really helpful!

   MB: Congratulations Jemma, well deserved!

   <Jemma> Thanks everyone.

Meeting time survey


     [14] https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfDZdncAt_2ZYaywFlpEklRcjmcLMOnI7UU987_dYe7HI9w1w/viewform

   JK: There was a request to change the meeting time

   We came up with nine options

   From there we’re gonna pick a time for the APG meeting

   Please fill in the survey

   JN: If there are more than three options that work for me can I
   submit more?

   JK: I just changed it so that you’re able to do that

   MK: Thank you very much

   If we can get everyone to fill this out before the next meeting
   (January 7th) that would be really helpful

   Jemma can you put this on the list or even individually email
   people like Job van Achterberg?

   JK: Yes that sounds good

Release 3 Schedule, outstanding reviews, and content plan

   MK: I put today as final day for the final review

   Whatever is ready today could go into final review

   There will be a couple more than what we have now

   The January 7th meeting is the last opportunity to get things
   reviewed for master

   We’ll send it to Joanie after that

   The schedule is to publish on January the 17th.

   Right now the revised radio pattern has been reviewed

   It’s already reviewed by two people and we’d like at least one

   I’ve also asked Carolyn to the review radio group

   SG: you can add me to that review

   <siri> Gubba / maiden name is Balusani :)


     [15] https://github.com/w3c/aria-practices/pull/957

   MK: Have assigned Jon, Michiel, and Ann as reviewers on the
   carousel PR

   We will open PRs this week

   For carousel example one

   There will be a couple of them

   Not sure we can get that all today

   but certainly tomorrow

   It will involve testing

   Are there any people that want to review these changes?

   AA: You can put my name on it

   <siri> in github my id is shirsha

   MB: If it’s changes that are gonna be done before the end of
   the week I can have a look at it

   MM: I can try

   CB: I think I have some time

   MK: Not sure we’ll get to carousel example number two

   But we’ll see how far we get

Terms subsection in carousel pattern

   <mck> link to carousel pattern draft:

     [16] https://raw.githack.com/w3c/aria-practices/issue43-add-carousel-pattern/aria-practices.html#carousel

   MK: First thing I want to ask people about is the change that I
   made to the structure of the pattern

   Instead of the default three sections I’ve added a fourth named

   When we did this before they used to be at the end of the

   AA: Looks good to me

   MB: Don’t have a preference but it looks good to me

   MK: Anyone that sees this as problematic

   I’ll leave it as is for now

   If you’ve got comments during review go ahead and put it in
   your review

   Siri you had a question about the description and definition?

Carousel description and definition

   <mck> A carousel presents a set of items, referred to as
   slides, by rotating, i.e., horizontally scrolling, a subset of
   the slides into view at a time. Typically,

   <mck> one slide is made visible at a time, and rotation
   automatically starts when the page loads. In some
   implementations, rotation automatically stops once

   <mck> all the slides have been displayed. While a slide may
   contain any type of content, image carousels where each slide
   contains nothing more than a single

   <mck> image are common.

   MK: Bryan are you able to read this?

   BG: I posted comments on the list about the definition

   JN: My major comment seems that we’re encouraging auto-rotation
   with this text

   We always try to not auto-rotate carousels

   MB: I agree with that

   SG: I agree too

   MK: Oh OK, I’ve never had success with not getting them to

   BG: We shouldn’t avoid auto-rotation

   <Jemma> Bryan's comment on the list "In addition to removing
   the reference to horizontal sliding, I recommend adding that
   these are also called slideshows, and that automatic rotation
   may start when the page loads, because this is not always the
   case that they always do."

   JN: No, but we shouldn’t set it as the default

   MK: How about we change it from “In some implementations,
   rotation automatically stops once all the slides have been
   displayed.” to “In some implementations, rotation automatically
   starts after page load and stops once all the slides have been

   JN: Yep!

   MB: WFM

   BG: Should we add something about visually hidden items/slides
   to be properly hidden?

   MB: Should this even be a numbered list?

   MK: The order doesn’t matter so no it shouldn’t

   SG: The first three are related to auto-rotation

   MB: I’d say #4, #3, then the auto-rotation ones

   MK: Bryan do you have a strong preference with regards to live
   regions and carousels

   BG: It’s not advisable to move focus away from the
   next/previous buttons

   AA: I agree

   MK: If we say how to use live regions, and say how it’s easier
   not to use them

   SG: Could we change the wording on “horizontally scrolling”

   MB: Yeah perhaps we can change it to something not orientation

   JN: We had a different implementation where everything was
   available via tab

   MK: If we just remove “horizontally scrolling”…

   If we say “they rotate into view” would that be OK?

   JK: I like that

   MB: Me too

   s/Too/Me too/

   SG: Don’t make it more complicated than required

   MB: +1

   MK: We try to tell people what to do as much as what not to do

   So what I’m hearing is that it’s OK if we remove the
   “horizontal scrolling”

   All: yeah

   BG: A scenario, something I see people do: in the description
   it says “any type of content can be added”. In a sense a
   carousel is similar to a wizard.

   Although the interaction is somewhat

   MB: Do you mean to say that people could use a carousel for a

   Because I don’t think that would be an issue

   BG: Don’t think we have anything to worry about no

   MK: We have a wizard pattern in the works too

   <jongund> I need to go now to another meeting

   Would a carousel normally restart when you mouse out of it

   MB: I’ve seen it both ways

   BG: I generally see them where they restart after the mouse

   SG: Same

   BG: Should there be a keystroke to stop all carousels?

   MK: I’m a little hesitant to suggest that

   BG: carousels can have an impact on line length for SRs

   MK: I think that’s an AT issue they should work on fixing

   <Jemma> mk:Recommend on region or group containing entire
   carousel, including controls.

   <Jemma> Matches aria-roledescription guidance in ARIA spec

   <Jemma> mk: read

     [17] http://w3c.github.io/aria/#aria-roledescription

   MK: please read WAI-ARIA Roles, states, and properties for next

     [18] https://raw.githack.com/w3c/aria-practices/issue43-add-carousel-pattern/aria-practices.html#carousel

   <Jemma> "The aria-roledescription property gives authors the
   ability to override how assistive technologies localize and
   express the name of a role...Users of these assistive
   technologies depend on the presentation of the role name, such
   as "region," "button," or "slider," for an understanding of the
   purpose of the element and, if it is a widget, how to interact
   with it."

   <Jemma> "Authors SHOULD limit use of aria-roledescription to
   clarifying the purpose of non-interactive container roles like
   group or region, or to providing a more specific description of
   a widget."

Future meetings and other business

   MK: If people would please read this and provide comments

   I defined three different ones to give some variety

   There is nothing about aria-live in there yet but I’ll add that

   AA: Will you update when you’re done?

   MK: Yes I will

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

   [End of minutes]

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