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Re: [AR Standards Discussion] The Augmented Web

From: Martin Lechner <martin.lechner@wikitude.com>
Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 16:14:25 +0200
Message-ID: <4FBCF0C1.2070701@wikitude.com>
To: "J. Andrew Rogers" <andrew@jarbox.org>
CC: discussion@arstandards.org, public-ar@w3.org
Hi Andrew!

Agreed, and it is on our radar. We haven't had a deep discussion on 
streaming capabilities in the group yet, thou.
Depends what someone would expect from a streaming mechanism. It's 
obvious that streaming of 3D models should be available, as well as 
fetching AR data on demand.

A simple usecase might be: When clicking on one of the virtual objects, 
a new scene is constructed, with a higher LOD for that particular region.
As we allow scripting components in ARML, streaming could be handled 
with AJAX calls (which would come pretty much out of the box when a 
fully fledged JavaScript engine is used on the implementation). However, 
streaming might also make sense in the descriptive part of the language. 
KML allows for Regions and NetworkLinks which allow streaming when used 
together, but I agree that it's sometimes troublesome to use.

Do you have any additional input from your side what you would expect 
from a streaming mechanism in ARML? We willl take this as an input to 
the group and discuss.


Am 19.05.2012 18:05, schrieb J. Andrew Rogers:
> On May 18, 2012, at 2:44 AM, Martin Lechner wrote:
>> We focus more on generic tracking (supporting any kind of tracking algorithms in a very generic way), relative positioning, 3D and infrastructure models, level of detail etc. rather than the (already pretty well GML-defined) location-based geometries. We also work on having a descriptive and a scripting part of the language, similar to how HTML and ECMAScript/JavaScript work together as seperate, yet cooperating specs.
> How well does ARML 2.0 handle streaming delivery? This was always a troublesome limitation of KML because there are quite a number of applications that require a more streaming-oriented model.
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