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comments on Widgets' spec

From: Venezia Claudio <claudio.venezia@telecomitalia.it>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 14:29:17 +0100
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Hi All,

A few <comments> on the "spec":

Spec section 7.4 - Cross-widget messaging


"AT RISK/Low Priority: This section will define how widgets will be able
to communicate with each other by sending messages via javascript. We
are going to base this model on the Cross-document messaging model found
in HTML 5. Widgets should be able to announce and unannounce themselves
to other widgets."


<We understand the Cross widget messaging issue as the matter of
enabling a web application running in a browser window to communicate
with another running in a different one. In the HTML 5 spec the the
cross document messaging processing model if DOC A needs to post a
message to DOC B, DOC A must have inside the object element containing
DOC B. In the cross messaging between Widgets created by different
providers this assumption seems to be unfeasible without introducing a
broker/middleware layer.>


"Widgets ought to be able to have some control as to which other widgets
they expose themselves to (in some unique/per instance base). For
instance, by association via digital signature"

<In our understanding the need of keeping control of which other widgets
they expose themselves to is again the proof that a minimal
broker/middleware should be specified.>


"Look at the OpenAjax hub model."[Open Ajax hub model for Cross-window,
same-domain communications: provider sends messages from one frame to
another within the same computer system, where the frames might be in
different windows but have to use the same domain.]

<The Open Ajax HUB would indeed address those broker/middleware
functionalities thus addressing the problem of posting messages between
Widgets but should be endowed by some additional registry capability.>


Req. 37 We would be in favor of the local storage option


Best Regards






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